Dads are different nowadays. They’re staying home with the kids, cooking, cleaning, buying groceries and medications. And these young dads are different: two thirds (66%) of the millennial dads surveyed value high quality products compared to 45% for moms. But that’s not all – 80% want a brand to listen to them and value their opinion. This compares to just over half the men surveyed who don’t have kids. So these guys can be passionate about your brand.

Dads are shouting at you and want you to acknowledge them. The best way? Hire other passionate dads to pitch and advocate for your brand! If you need help, we’re here for you. Take a look at the four accounts below, which range from 1,500  to over 200,000 followers. All have unusually high engagement rates and solid authenticity. As with all Mattr recommendations, we check to ensure their audiences are organic and not bought.


So dang cute! This couple has twins and are exceptional photographers. Unlike a lot of dads on Instagram, most of their posts include the girls – Christmas, Halloween, or just lounging on the sofa watching TV.

Coming in squarely as a mid-range influencer, he also sports a crazy high 15% engagement rate.


Similar to burtonbanksbuffaloe, Devon and Rob have two young children, produce superb photography and are..beautiful people having fun with their kids. Even though their reach is over 200,000 Instagram followers they still have a terrific engagement rate of over 5%.


Maybe the sweetest Instagram of the four, Josh Rodriguez is an Austin blogger who loves craft beer, bbq, but most all, his three young kids. Josh’s feed overflows with Texas authenticity: friendliness, food, and tons of smiles. You’ll love it!

With a quickly growing audience of 3,000 followers and an engagement rate around 5%, Josh will work hard for you and offers a great way to reach hyper-local audiences.


Need a smile? When you get bored of scanning the “mademesmile” subreddit, flick over to Mark’s Instagram. You’ll be grinning ear to ear along Mark and his three kids as you live with them and their huge smiles. You can tell how much care he takes with his posts when you see the consistent quality of his pictures.

Mark’s account is smaller at under 1,500 followers but sports an engagement rate of over 10%, which nets you the same engagement as an account of nearly 10,000 followers with average engagement.

In absolutely every campaign Mattr managed last year, our brand teams wanted to expand their market. Try a Dads campaign or just add a couple dads in your next Moms campaign. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results!