Top Social People for SXSW




Can I Have Access to This Real Time?

I can add you to my team for free – you just need a Twitter account to log in. Email (jack{at} or tweet me your email address and I’ll get you in asap. **Note** it also means these results can change hourly.


What Exactly Does “Unique” Mean?

Do you see that Barack Obama is ranked #1? That means that, of all the people who tweeted using the #SXSW hashtag, more of them follow Barack Obama than any other public figure.

Now look at Brian Solis; see the “Kapow” exclamation mark? That means that he is “over-represented” by this engagement group. This means an unusually high proportion of #SXSW tweeters follow @BrianSolis.

Why should you care? Although these in-demand dudes probably don’t do product endorsements, celebrities do – so If you want to reach SXSWesters, you may have much better engagement from endorsement deals with these unique people.


How’d You Do This?

This is a “Campaign Report” running real time. It’s a sample group of up to 10,000 people who’ve used #SXSW in a tweet. There’s a lot more info than this.

Email me at jack{at} if you want to get on the team – you only need your Twitter account to get in.