Spring Fashion – Part 4 in our Influencers for Spring Time Series

There are so many fashion opportunities in the springtime. Holidays, like Easter or Mother’s Day, can mean buying a new outfit for the occasion. The changing weather and more sunny days mean style changes and new seasonal looks. Spring time means you can finally put that winter clothes box back in the closet, pack your coats away, and embrace all the new looks of warmer weather. More people are getting out of the house and remembering what it’s like to step out and love what you are wearing.

Influencers play a huge role in dictating the fashion of each season, you can see that in the fact that Coachella has turned into a haven of style influencers. Many people get their ideas of style from those they follow on Instagram, and there are plenty to look up to. Here are a few of our favorite influencers for spring fashion.

Nyja Richardson

Fashion and beauty blogger, Nyja’s sense of style is second to none. She shows you how you can pull off the latest looks and show yourself some self care all while being a mother.

Christopher Chin

A Portland based style blogger, Christopher is changing the game for male influencers in the fashion space on Instagram. Confidently hitting the streets of Portland, showcasing the latest trends but still being sure to always keep his own signature style.

Chelsea Henriquez

Bold style and beautiful colors, this New York City based fashion, hair, beauty, and all things style influencer has one of the most aesthetically pleasing pages on the platform and will give you the confidence to take some risks in your wardrobe!

Will Taylor

New York City based style icon that’ll make the men of Instagram ready to step up their game. Will’s colorful style, impeccable design, and adventurous spirit will make you hit the follow button in no time.

Lola Akande

Bold, colorful, and free-spirited. Three perfect works to describe this Houston-based style blogger. Lola personality shines through her engaging page and no matter the occasion she can show you how to take your outfits to the next level.

Hayet Rida

Based in Chicago, Hayet has got you covered in all things beauty and fashion all while celebrating yourself and your femininity. Whether you are dressing for business, out on the town, or ready to take on a workout after a long day, Hayet’s page can guarantee you’ll look good while doing it all.

Alexys Johns

This Cali-based influencer radiates positivity and inspires her followers through style, health, design, and beauty. She even has a YouTube channel to showcase her style through every season.

Audree Kate

The perfect account to follow for springtime fashion, Audree shines because of her diversity in style. Whether you’re feeling feminine, grungy, tom boy, professional, or free-spirited, you’ll find something for you on this page.

There are so many reasons to look for new fashion this spring. Don’t limit yourself or whoever you’re buying for with the same old styles. Look through the influencers above and find something exciting and fun. Don’t forget, millennials and Gen Z are turning to influencers for their style options, even more so than their friends and family. If you want to get in front of that audience, try going through some of these great fashion influencers.


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