Spring Cleaning – Part 2 in our Influencers for Springtime Series

Winter can be brutal and spring brings a time when we can finally get our lives back in order. A lot of people are looking to change up their diet or fitness routines, but one of the major ways to freshen our lives again is through spring cleaning. And, with the popularity of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, everyone will be on their spring cleaning game this year. Cleaning products, organizational tools, and any basic home essentials are just a few types of products that see a rise in consumer engagement during these months. Using mom and dad influencers to show how they tidy up, clean the house, or reorganize, can inspire your target to go all out for spring cleaning. And this goes beyond just families; college students, teachers, and businesses can show  how to take advantage of spring cleaning.

Here are the freshest influencers for spring cleaning brands:   

David Clark – The past few years may have been all about the mommy bloggers, but there are tons of reasons to leverage dad influencers this year. Not only are there some fantastic dad influencers out there, but new studies show that men are engaging with influencers more than women. An impactful dad influencer, like David, could be perfect to show cleaning products, such as stuff to help tidy up after kids or clean up after a family meal.

Janea Brown -What better way to be inspired than looking through a beautiful and cozy home? Janea’s page will have you wanting to redecorate and freshen up your entire home in no time. Janea encourages her followers to create happiness through creating happy homes. Fresh plants and a clean look and feel makes her a perfect influencer to show how spring cleaning can help cleanse the soul.

Ashley Marquez– Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning at home. It is a time of year for everyone to get organized and start anew. This includes teachers! Classrooms can be chaotic and teacher influencers can show how to clean and organize the spaces in the best way for learning! If you are a teacher looking to better utilize your space in the classroom, there couldn’t be a more perfect influencer for you than Ashley. Aside from her perfect Instagram page, she also has a podcast dedicated to motivating other teachers by sharing tips and tricks for the classroom!

Lynzy Coughlin – We, of course, couldn’t forget a great mom influencer. It’s not hard to see why they are dominating social media and influencer marketing. Lynzy has to be one of our favorites. Although she has some high quality content and extremely high engagement, her adorable, and sometimes chaotic content still makes her feel more relatable than other mommy bloggers out there. Never afraid to get real about motherhood, Lynzy is a great mom influencer to show realistically how to stay clean and tidy with a crazy busy household.

Ria Safford – Marie Kondo isn’t the only influencer out there focusing on organization. There are plenty of inspiring influencer how there to help you take your house arrangement to the next level. Ria of “Riorganize” focuses solely on how to keep your house organized and utilize the space you have through tips and tricks.

Wendy Graham – Last, but not least, we couldn’t forget to include a wonderful account dedicated all to cleaning. Wendy, of the moral fibers blog, is a UK based influencer who posts about organic cleaning products, sustainable living, and how to stay green. She’s even the author of a green cleaning book called “Fresh Clean Home”! She will inspire your spring cleaning to be more eco-friendly and healthier for the family.


Spring cleaning is more than just mom bloggers in the kitchen. This is a time of year for everyone to re-freshen and that goes further than just the home! It’s time to stop just directing cleaning products to moms, dad influencers are here to stay and have proved themselves to be just as impactful in the space!


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