Can You Run an Influencer Campaign Without an Agency?

Can You Run an Influencer Campaign Without an Agency?

Of course you can–but should you? First of all, this article is written for the company dipping its toes in influencer for the first time, startups without a huge budget, or just the curious brand manager wondering if they should start bringing influencer marketing in-house to save budget.

Who is it not for? If you’re running more than a couple campaigns per month with a small team. Or if you’re in a highly regulated industry like banking or pharma, which requires a strong technical partner for content and comment monitoring. Or if the various departmental cogs in your company’s wheel move like the traffic in New York after the latest Snowpocalypse. Not sure? Read on – you’ll quickly determine if your team can hack going it alone.

If you think you may be a candidate for DIY, then you’ll want to know the meta-level steps involved and where you’re most likely to get tripped up. As always, reach out to one of our team if you need some advice or find yourself jammed on a deadline.

Know The Process

The most valuable aspect to influencer marketing is getting that oh-so human endorsement of your product. People trust “their” influencers. (You should, too). Influencer marketing can be incredibly valuable to your brand so you’ll want to take note of the key components of a successful campaign:

Influencer Discovery

Finding influencers can take some time. In fact, plan on about 200 hours to find, recruit, and contract with your ideal influencers for a 5-10 influencer campaign. And this 200 hours is kind of like software development; you can’t just throw five bodies at the task and quarter the time needed because a lot of the time is waiting on the influencers to respond.

Recruit and Contract Influencers

Once you’ve found a list of candidates, you need to reach out to them via DM or email, if they’ve supplied it. Depending on the audience size of the influencer, you may be dealing with an agent, which has its pros and cons.

You’ll want a comprehensive contract which includes content guidelines and

requirements, payment schedules, competitive restrictions, and whatever else your legal team would like to throw in there. Once you have a signed agreement, it’s on to the fun stuff – the content!

Content Planning and Approvals

You’ll want to give the influencers plenty of time to create the content for your approval. If they’re in college, be aware of school schedules and give them a bit more time than a mom, food blogger or some other influencer who’s doing sponsored posts more or less full-time. Many use professional photographers and need time to arrange the shoot. Of course during the seasonal busy times (holiday, back to school, etc.) give yourself additional time to contact them.

Create a calendar of the posts, based on the influencers’ best day and times to post and coordinate with your larger campaign, if applicable. Then just back plan, leaving as much time as possible to receive and approve the content. Heads up: you won’t have enough time, so figure out where you may be able to squeeze the timeline for those events within your control.

For content approval, you’ll want to show drafts of the image or video and its caption to everyone on your team or in your company with a stake. If your legal team needs to approve, plan appropriately. Negotiate with your legal well before the campaign starts so you know your content will “pass” when you’re in crunch mode.

Campaign Monitoring and Wrap Up

It’s incredibly exciting to see all your hard work go live! Make sure you share the post(s) right away to everyone involved in the campaign, doubling checking that the approved draft is the one that was posted. Once the campaign is over, you’ll want to note all the ROI things: engagement, link clicks (if applicable), reach. If the campaign had a lot of posts, curate the top 3 or 4 and highlight those in your deck. Influencers can create some really incredible imagery – show it off.

Depending on your tools you may need to note these things manually each day. If you’re using for a link shortener be aware that that info can disappear after a certain time so be sure to pull it daily.

Paying the Influencers

Most all influencers are fine with getting paid after they’ve posted the approved content but aren’t going to be happy with your company’s normal net 30, 60, or 120. If you’ve contracted with Jay Z, terms might be different. Of course the payment terms should be in the contract but you may still face a hurdle with accounts payable if there’s an exception. Just make sure your accounting department is ready to write the check when it’s time.

Most common roadblocks

Unlike a digital ad, your influencer campaign is gorgeously human. Just remember that when all the humanness starts rearing its unpredictable head, stressing you out as deadlines loom.

Here are some of the most common issues we’ve come across in the past 8 years:

Too Many Criteria For Influencers

No joke; we have nearly 1 million influencers in our platform and even with this huge number, every campaign requires us to look outside of it. If your brand team is asking for hyperlocal, environmentally friendly millennials with young audiences located in Brooklyn and with 200,000 followers and a minimum 2% engagement rate, budget a whole lot more than 200 hours for the discovery. Also remember that it’s really the influencer’s audience that matters more than where they’re located. We’ve run campaigns with influencer located in Portland, but a majority of their audience is LA – match!

Keep the requirements to a minimum – you’ll more than likely end up carving them down eventually anyway as deadlines approach.

Be realistic when negotiating with influencers

Unless you’re running a campaign for fast food burgers nationwide, you’re going start with a list of 50 potential influencers and end up with 5 or 10 that work for everyone. Now you have to recruit them. Can you afford to turn them away trying to negotiate the price or payment terms? It’s ideal to have backups but just isn’t always realistic if you’re starting without any existing influencer relationships or influencer pools.

Provide a thorough influencer brief

We use the saying, “people don’t read”, around Mattr. If your requirements are even the slightest bit complex, get the influencer on the phone or Skype and brief them through the contract, which ought to contain these requirements and guidelines. The risk is considerable: if an influencer needs to rewrite the caption or worse, re-shoot a picture or video, you could delay your campaign by weeks.

Pay them promptly

The vast majority of influencers we use are professionally-minded, even if they have a full-time job. Treat them with respect and pay them on time. This means you need to hand-hold your accounting department through the process and keep the influencer informed throughout. Mark calendar events for yourself and check to make sure each has been paid on time. Of course, mistakes will happen so if you’ve developed a relationship with them, you’ll probably be forgiven.

Now that you know the most common potential problems to plan for, how about some of those little details that can slap you on the back of the head when you were just about to sip that negroni?

The little things that can delay your campaigns

Remember that saying your old boss’s boss droned on about being great? That what separates the good from the great are doing the little things right? The most common problems cover most of what could happen. But some not-so common issues can pop up that you should not be surprised about.

Influencers drop out

This is not very typical but can happen even if you do nothing to anger them. Remember: humans. This can also occur when agents are involved, who can do all sorts of things to complicate the transaction like pushing back on every edit you request. Their job is to advocate for the influencer right up to the brink where they don’t lose your business. Your best bet is to always have a pre-approved set of stand-ins.

Team members Take Too Long to Approve

Sometimes people in your company have a stake in the campaign–but not as much as you. They may go on vacation right when you need them to approve content or an influencer. Best to ask the whole team ahead of time if anyone’s planning on being gone/unreachable during the workup part of the timeline. Make them provide a delegate even if they aren’t planning on being gone.

It’s been said before, but your legal can really hold you up, especially if influencer campaigns are new to them. Make sure to sit down with them in person and explain all the elements of the campaign and don’t forget – sell them on the benefits of influencer marketing, don’t assume they even know what Instagram is.

It’s So Worth It

A successful campaign is one that hits all the marks: you reach your engagement goals, obtain super authentic content to re-use on your social, and forge some important ambassador relationships with influencers for future campaigns. Keep these tips in mind as you plan out your campaign and accept that something will definitely go wrong – hopefully these tips will help you deal with it!

A plug: if you’re killing it doing everything manually and want to scale, take a look at our DIY platform, which provides so many little workflows and helpers it will scale your team 2-3x at a quarter of the price of the people needed. And, if this sounds like something you’d like to just turn over to experts who’ve run hundreds of campaigns, we can do that too with our full-service influencer marketing offering.


MATTR is the only full-service influencer marketing provider with detailed audience insights from PersonaMesh™. We go beyond demographics into psychographics such as values and interests so that your influencer campaigns align with your campaign targets.

Mattr’s Influencer Marketing Solution Caters to Banking, Pharmaceutical Companies

Mattr’s Influencer Marketing Solution Caters to Banking, Pharmaceutical Companies


Today Mattr, the leading technology enabled full service influencer marketing provider, expanded the capabilities of its influencer marketing solution for highly regulated industries (HRIs) by adding an automated compliance monitoring feature for influencer content. All of an influencer’s campaign and non-campaign content and comments can be monitored both during and for several months after the campaign for non-compliance. This feature joins Mattr’s controlled content review feature for legal teams announced last year.

“The content and comment monitoring feature makes influencer marketing an attractive option for brand teams”

For years, enterprise brands in HRIs such as banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceuticals, have struggled to deploy influencer marketing programs due to the legal restrictions they face in marketing their products and services. They have to pay very careful attention to what is said and not said in their marketing campaigns, making it difficult to allow external influencers to play any role in building their brands or supporting sales. Often times, providers of services like influencer marketing need to provide periodic data audits of social content and all of the associated public comments.

Mattr’s content and comment monitoring feature provides compliance assurance for all enterprises, but especially those operating in HRIs, by giving them more control and insight into the content developed by influencers they partner with.

Once a client marks the draft influencer content as approved for publishing, its URL is added to Mattr’s solution, where the live content and comments both reside. When the system catches a pre-defined keyword which would suggest non-compliance, an alert is issued to the Mattr team and client, who can then view the suspect comment in the Mattr platform and take appropriate action. In addition, all comments can be easily downloaded from the platform on demand.

Additionally, all actions throughout the process are stored in the blockchain, providing total transparency into the content development process, reviews, and finalized content. This leaves a detailed audit trail, which is very important for HRIs.

“The new content and comment monitoring feature in our influencer marketing solution brings the highest level of assurance to our highly regulated clients possible,” said Jack Holt, CEO of Mattr. “All too often brands are forced to take a ‘hope for the best’ approach, and that unfortunately doesn’t work for many, like those in highly regulated industries. The content and comment monitoring feature makes influencer marketing a new and attractive option for their brand teams, while not becoming too overbearing for the influencers.”

About Mattr 
Mattr is leading the way for revolutionary insight into influencer audiences. Mattr searches beyond celebrities to discover brand-aligned mid and micro influencers with like-minded audiences. Our dedicated account and community management team brings ease and end-to-end assistance to the entire influencer campaign process. Learn more at

How to Get the Most Valuable Campaign Results From Influencers

How to Get the Most Valuable Campaign Results From Influencers

It is natural as a company that delivers full-service white glove influencer marketing campaigns to want to put the client’s wants above all else. As with all advertising, clients call the shots and it is up to you to make their wishes come true. Keeping the client happy ensures a successful campaign and a return of business. But, it’s important to remember that in influencer marketing there are two sides to every campaign. You have the client on one end and the influencer on the other – who btw keeping happy also helps contribute to great campaigns. The difference between influencer marketing and other advertising mediums is you have TWO sides with brand images to stay true to. Balancing the creative control is something we have discussed in the past, but we want to take a deeper look at why caring for your influencers and developing long lasting relationships is only going to benefit every campaign.

Where to Begin

Before even beginning the campaign, you can already develop a relationship with your influencers. How? By taking your time in choosing them. Let the influencer know not only how this partnership is beneficial for both parties but also why you and the brand find them to be a valuable partner for your campaign. A brand wants an influencer that is excited to work with them, and an influencer wants the same thing! It helps when influencers know they were chosen carefully and why their brand fits perfectly into this campaign (and why this campaign fits perfectly with their brand).

The Process Will Be Smoother

Open communication and availability are both ways to create a smoother process during your campaign. And, in an industry full of human mistakes, delays, and roadblocks, a smooth process keeps all parties involved happy. Remember, influencers are humans; a part of influencer marketing is that unexpected issues will happen, but with strong relationships and clear communication you can pivot those issues and work around anything that comes your way. Constant communication between you and the influencers means there is less room for misinformation or misunderstanding certain aspects of the campaign. When you are constantly speaking with your influencers through every step of the campaign, they are more likely to fully understand the objectives and be able to create exactly what the client wants the first time around. It is also important to be available to them as much as you can for their questions or concerns. Hop on phone calls with them to discuss content ideas, guidelines, restrictions, nice-to-haves, etc! Becoming an easy-access, understanding, and transparent contact for them during the campaign helps avoid any confusion or disconnect, which means less room for errors in content, reshoots, or tons of edits from the client–saving you all time and stress.

The Relationship Becomes a Win-Win

Taking the time to build these kind of relationships also helps it to feel more personal and less “businessy” between you and the influencers. When you go out of your way to make the campaign experience nice for an influencer, the favor will be returned. Give a lot and usually you will get a lot in return. Influencers might not be so eager to take down links to the product page or might throw in an extra Instagram Story or promote your product on extra social channels. When an influencer is excited about working together they will go the distance to keep the client happy. A great influencer loves to hear that their post provided true engagement for the brand. They care that the brand loves what they see, and that they gain genuine traction from the post. So not only do these solid relationships create less confusion and better understandings, they can also lead to you getting more out of the campaign than you intended.

Content Will Be Better

The client is always right. But, when it comes to knowing the audience you are trying to reach, the influencer is an expert. Influencers study and take note of the content they put out that does well and, more importantly, the content that doesn’t. This is especially true when it comes to sponsored posts. The beauty of influencer marketing is in its authenticity, and in order for a sponsorship to come off as authentic you have to let the influencer’s voice be heard and recognize them as a third party in the campaign. Influencer campaigns should be a true partnership between the influencer and the brand, rather than the brand dictating exactly what influencers post or how they post it.

An influencer is going to be happiest when they feel trusted to showcase the brand in a way that feels genuine to them and matches their own brand, so it is important to be open-minded every step of the way and encourage the brand to do the same. You will find that it is no coincidence that the happier influencers create the better content. So, not only is your content going to come off more genuine, but it’s also going to be…better. More times than not, when an influencer is excited about a campaign and feels like they have some control in the process they will take their time in order to create the best content they can in return.

Another pro to having influencer create such fantastic content is being able to repurpose on your own social channels. It’s almost like outsourcing some of your creative work. Some influencers create content that could come straight from a magazine, so why not take advantage and use on your own channels? If you give a little, then they will give a little. And that compromise is the sweet spot between an incredible post and genuine traction for a brand.

Potential For Brand Ambassadors

We know keeping the client happy gives potential for a long lasting partnership, well the same is true for influencers. If the brand is happy with the influencers and the campaign, and the influencer is pleased as well, that is how brand ambassadors are born. Brand ambassadors are one of the most important things that can come from influencer marketing campaigns. Take this article from Forbes about the key to staying successful in influencer marketing is creating strategic partnerships with influencers rather than being just a few plugs on their social feed. “Ninety percent of industry experts agree that to succeed in the long-term brands will need to take authenticity and value of content they’re receiving more seriously.”

Even if the influencer and the brand decide not to work together in future campaigns, if you’re working with the influencer as an agency, you now have a healthy relationship with the influencers and can leverage their brand for other campaigns that fit well with them. Creating long lasting relationships and truly knowing and trusting certain influencers can save you a lot of time in future campaigns.


Creating and maintaining healthy and close relationships with influencers is one of the best things you can do for the success of your campaign. Communication, transparency, trustworthiness, and flexibility are all ways to keep influencers happy. Happy influencers make for a smoother process, better content, going the distance, and the potential for becoming ambassadors. Brands and influencers need each other. Don’t forget to remind your influencers that they are valued in campaigns and not just another medium for sponsorship.


MATTR is the only full-service influencer marketing provider with detailed audience insights from PersonaMesh™. We go beyond demographics into psychographics such as values and interests so that your influencer campaigns align with your campaign targets.

How Far are Influencers Willing to Go? Red Flags to Look Out For

How Far are Influencers Willing to Go? Red Flags to Look Out For

The influencer landscape can be a risky one to navigate for marketers. One of the most beneficial parts to working with an influencer marketing platform is making use of technology that will vet influencers for you. You may find someone that appears to be the perfect profile, but digging deeper can tell a different story. Technology in influencer marketing has come a long way and we are now able to identify fraudulent activity on influencers’ pages. Becoming a professional influencer has become an extremely sought after career for millennials and gen z, and there are extremes they are willing to go to to make that career work. Don’t be too alarmed but do go into your influencer discovery with eyes wide open and be aware of the risks. Here are some of the biggest red flags to look out for when vetting and leveraging influencers.

1.Purchasing Followers

Purchasing followers is perhaps one of the biggest things to watch out for in the industry. It has been around since the idea of being paid as an influencer has existed, but recent over-saturation of influencers as well as intense competition has driven even more influencers to make poor decisions. However, there are many tools out there now to help ensure marketers aren’t partnering with these kinds of influencers. Even without technology, there are easy ways to see if this is happening. The simplest way is by calculating the ratio of followers to likes as well as the engagement percentage. If a influencer has 15k followers, but is only receiving 60 likes on an image when we would expect around 300, the numbers don’t add up. If engagement is anywhere below 1%, especially for micro and mid-level influencers, it’s best to double check if followers are being bought. When working with a platform like Mattr, you can view how many followers have been purchased and where those followers reside. These are ghost followers, purchased to show that high impression number but not really doing anything on an influencer’s page.

2. Buying Engagement

Unfortunately, the dishonesty doesn’t always stop with influencer reach. Some influencers have gotten wise with fake followers knowing that brands and agencies are now looking more at engagement than reach. And also noticing if followers have been bought. Their resolution for this is to purchase engagement. We’ve done an experiment on just how easy it is to purchase likes and comments for your page. Anyone can do it and it only takes about 10 minutes. You can do the same calculation as with bought followers but in the case, use the inverse. So if you see extraordinarily high engagement on a low follower base, the influencer may have bought likes. Another easy way to look for this is to read some of the comments. Do they even relate to the post? Bots are setup to automatically comment on posts, but don’t always match up with what is being posted about. The last manual way is to check out the quantity of likes and comments on posts over time. Check engagement rates for the last year and find the average, rather than just look at their last few posts. Is there a huge spike in likes, but just on their last two posts and yet their reach remained the same? Maybe a couple weeks ago their average was 100 likes an image but now they are getting 2k; this could be an indication that these likes are not real.

3. Faking Content

Another watch out, is influencers who fake their content in order to gain followers and increase their status. These followers and likes may now be real, but it’s because the audience believes an influencer to be living a life that isn’t actually based in reality or genuine. Certain “influencers” have stolen content from others’ profiles, created fake realities, and in some cases even photoshopped or straight up completely fabricated travel images to be seen as a top tier travel influencer. This can sometimes be a hard issue to combat. The best way to ensure an influencer’s content is real is to study them: check their blogs and other social channels and make sure they are legit with their audience before moving forward. Does their blog provide more details to their travels? Do they images that don’t look to over-the-top edited? Read what their audience is commenting and see if they are engaging back.

4. Too Much Sponsored Content

Although this isn’t necessarily an indication that an influencer has purchased content or engagement, a red flag to watch out for before choosing to partner with an influencer is making sure they don’t have too much sponsored content. When an influencer is posting sponsored content all of the time, everyday or every other day, it can become white noise to their audience. It becomes apparent that they don’t feel strongly about these products but rather that they’re willing to take any deal they can. These people usually have well-deserved low engagement rates, as well.

Not only is their audience not taking notice of sponsorships, the influencer will lose credibility with their followers. It can come off as dishonest when they are posting new products constantly, especially if those products are competing brands and an influencer has now contradicted their loyalty to a certain company.

5. Faking Sponsorships

I don’t know if we thought we’d ever see a day where an influencer would actually fake sponsored content in order to be taken more seriously, but that day is here. Certain influencers have actually made up brand partnerships in order to gain credibility. Like faking content, this can be a difficult red flag to catch right off the bat. But the more research you are able to do on an influencer, the better. Question their brand partnerships if they look fishy. Faking sponsored content may have good intentions, but it can also show inauthenticity.


Becoming an influencer is like becoming famous nowadays, and many people are willing to go too far to make that happen. Whenever activating your own influencer campaign, you want to ensure that you’re choosing influencers who are authentic and genuine – and honest. If you are just running a few campaigns a year and are willing to take the time, you can run these manual “tests” on an influencer’s profile. If you are a brand or agency looking to work with a lot of influencers often, you will want to find the most genuine and authentic ones around, so look for these red flags and work with platforms that give you the technology to dive deep into influencers’ accounts to ensure their credibility.


MATTR is the only full-service influencer marketing provider with detailed audience insights from PersonaMesh™. We go beyond demographics into psychographics such as values and interests so that your influencer campaigns align with your campaign targets.

4 Of The Sweetest Dad Influencers You’ll Find For Father’s Day

4 Of The Sweetest Dad Influencers You’ll Find For Father’s Day

Dads are different nowadays. They’re staying home with the kids, cooking, cleaning, buying groceries and medications. And these young dads are different: two thirds (66%) of the millennial dads surveyed value high quality products compared to 45% for moms. But that’s not all – 80% want a brand to listen to them and value their opinion. This compares to just over half the men surveyed who don’t have kids. So these guys can be passionate about your brand.

Dads are shouting at you and want you to acknowledge them. The best way? Hire other passionate dads to pitch and advocate for your brand! If you need help, we’re here for you. Take a look at the four accounts below, which range from 1,500  to over 200,000 followers. All have unusually high engagement rates and solid authenticity. As with all Mattr recommendations, we check to ensure their audiences are organic and not bought.


So dang cute! This couple has twins and are exceptional photographers. Unlike a lot of dads on Instagram, most of their posts include the girls – Christmas, Halloween, or just lounging on the sofa watching TV.

Coming in squarely as a mid-range influencer, he also sports a crazy high 15% engagement rate.


Similar to burtonbanksbuffaloe, Devon and Rob have two young children, produce superb photography and are..beautiful people having fun with their kids. Even though their reach is over 200,000 Instagram followers they still have a terrific engagement rate of over 5%.


Maybe the sweetest Instagram of the four, Josh Rodriguez is an Austin blogger who loves craft beer, bbq, but most all, his three young kids. Josh’s feed overflows with Texas authenticity: friendliness, food, and tons of smiles. You’ll love it!

With a quickly growing audience of 3,000 followers and an engagement rate around 5%, Josh will work hard for you and offers a great way to reach hyper-local audiences.


Need a smile? When you get bored of scanning the “mademesmile” subreddit, flick over to Mark’s Instagram. You’ll be grinning ear to ear along Mark and his three kids as you live with them and their huge smiles. You can tell how much care he takes with his posts when you see the consistent quality of his pictures.

Mark’s account is smaller at under 1,500 followers but sports an engagement rate of over 10%, which nets you the same engagement as an account of nearly 10,000 followers with average engagement.

In absolutely every campaign Mattr managed last year, our brand teams wanted to expand their market. Try a Dads campaign or just add a couple dads in your next Moms campaign. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

Love is in the Air … Our 8 Favorite Millennial and Couple Influencers for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the Air … Our 8 Favorite Millennial and Couple Influencers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day used to be a simple holiday. If you were in a relationship, you’d pick up some flowers or maybe some chocolate and go out for an nice dinner. But we know by now that millennials aren’t here to follow tradition; instead they follow influencers. Influencers have shown us that the younger generations would rather take a trip than get a diamond necklace. Or make some avocado toast rather than get a box of Russell Stovers. And leave it to millennials to take a Parks and Rec episode about “Galentine’s Day” and turn it into a national holiday of their own. Influencers have the power to show their audience all the ways you can spend this holiday. It’s not just for jewelry companies and fancy local restaurants. And, it’s definitely for more than just traditional couples. Valentine’s Day is for everyone, and no matter what you’re selling, there is an influencer out there to celebrate your brand this February 14th.

Here are some of our favorite accounts to check out for Valentine’s Day…

New Darlings

Robert and Christina are the adorable couple behind the New Darlings blog. This husband and wife duo are based in Phoenix and it’s not hard to see why they are well on their way to half a million followers on Instagram. Besides showing off their beautiful home and hip style, they also tackle some serious topics on their blog about growing up, their relationship, and soon becoming parents to their first little one!


Perhaps no Instagram account gives you more #FamilyGoals than Vancity Wild. Brie and Reuben prove there is no excuse not to live an adventurous life, even after becoming parents! This Vancouver based family of 3 explore all over the west coast in their van and document all the beautiful places along the way, giving us some serious travel envy!

Matthew Schueller

Matthew is a travel photographer exploring the world with his husband, Michael Lindsay, (who also has an popular and engaging Instagram account). Whether they are feeding elephants in Thailand or backpacking in Copenhagen, Matthew and Michael give you some serious travel goals AND couple goals. Besides their exciting travel adventures, we also got to see them get married in a beautiful ceremony this past year!


A life and style influencer, Hermela has made a name for herself in the beauty community on Instagram and YouTube where she talks about everything from hair, travel, fitness, and fashion. But, she is also inspiring others through her relationship with her husband. These newlyweds get real about marrying young, their previous long distance relationship, and being each other’s best friends.

Morgan Yates

Of course, we couldn’t forget to give you some Galentine’s Day inspiration on the list. We love to see an account focused on positive female friendships and women supporting other women! Morgan’s account will have you wanting to call up your girlfriends for a happy hour or a mini weekend getaway! On top of that, she is also a successful beauty and style influencer and will give you all the Valentine’s Day fashion inspo you need!

Karli Buckley

Karli is a lifestyle influencer based in Northern California. Her page focuses on health, fitness, travel, and, most importantly, her relationship with her wife, Emily. Together, on their blog, Karli and Emily talk about their favorite places to go, staying healthy, and relationship advice. Most importantly, these two use their platform to inspire others and work towards equality in the LGBTQ community.

Massy Arias

There isn’t anything to NOT be inspired by on Massy’s page. She is a wife, mother, boss, and fitness and health expert, and she succeeds at it all! Her positive messages about physical and mental health as well as her beautiful family are just a few reasons she has grown to have 2.5 million Instagram followers. And whether they are working out at the gym, or going out at night, she and her husband Stefan are our ultimate #CoupleGoals.


One of the most popular #TravelCouples on Instagram, Marie and Jake capture some of the most stunning pictures in the most amazing places around the world.  It’s not hard to get lost scrolling through their adventures, mostly due to their incredible photography and signature editing style. The breathtaking views sure do help too!

Time to Up Your Game

Valentine’s Day has officially moved on to mean more than flowers and chocolates. Whether it’s fitness, travel to remote locations, or including all kinds of relationships, brands need to up their game to win a few seconds of screen time with Millennials. Unsure how to message to Millennials? Choose the right influencers and let them do it for you.


MATTR is the only full-service influencer marketing provider with detailed audience insights from PersonaMesh™. We go beyond demographics into psychographics such as values and interests so that your influencer campaigns align with your campaign targets.