CM World can be a terrific networking opportunity. But without some planning you may find yourself talking to wonderful people  – just not the right wonderful people.

To help you out, Mattr is publishing some segmented influencers at CM World, by vertical. This first post is all about hospitality, full of some very bright stars. If you want to know how we came up with these folks, read below the profiles.

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About These Results (and Mattr)

Search Dynamically

Mattr has one of the very few dynamic influencer marketing platforms. That means our list of people relevant for, let’s say, hotels and content marketing, can change from time to time. We don’t just find people, add them to a database, then tag them with the things they’re (at the time) influential about as others do. I used to be fluent in motorcycle racing, for example, but it’s a hobby that’s waned.

These results came from a careful search of people, brands, and blogs who have a high rate of usage for the terms we used. Then we add in their reach and resonance, which is essentially how engaged they are. There’s no reason to ask or pay someone to influence your brand if no one is going to read or share their posts.

Segment with Passive Values Analysis

Mattr’s segmentation may be more unique than the dynamic search. Allowing you to find adventurous people in South America who are very green and apathetic about price can come in pretty handy when you have a specific need. And that’s just one of an endless number of segments you can configure on Mattr’s platform.

Qualitative analysis, such as values or personality or emotions, has been around for decades. But until now, you had to ask someone how they felt, like that time you took a personality test.

Very importantly, all of Mattr’s data is accumulated passively, which means there’s no bias associated with the results. We have worked years to refine the algorithms necessary to enable this pretty incredible tech.

Scale With Micro-Influencers

There’s a big problem with influencer marketing. It doesn’t scale. Researching, vetting, and contacting influencers is time-intensive, even with great platforms like Mattr. But even then you’re left with a dozen or so of people you then have to convince to pitch your brand in an authentic way, go through legal, negotiate prices, etc. It’s a royal pain in the butt.

Mattr offers access to thousands of micro-influencers. People and blogs with very specific expertise but a lot less reach than a celebrity. They’re passionate, authentic, and accessible. And you can now activate an entire network of them with just a few clicks.

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