• How does Mattr determine an Influencer?

    Mattr determines Influencers based on Reach, Resonance and Relevance. Reach is measured by how many people might hear their messages. Resonance is measured by how many people are actually listening and engaging. Relevance is measured by how often they talk about a certain topic or event.

  • Can I get a customized list of Influencers?

    Yes, users can easily identify Influencers using Mattr.  They can also search for specific content across all social sites, and discover new or more relevant Influencers. If you would like a much larger, more customized lists of Influencers, just contact us.

  • How does Mattr determine the Personality and Value data? How can I trust this data?

    Personality is derived from what the influencer writes. We look at the frequency of certain keywords that have been shown in multiple studies to correlate to aspects of the writer's personality. Values are currently calculated by evaluating certain interests of the influencer using machine learning algorithms. This is backed up not only by research, but also by validation and feedback as part of the process.

  • Can I get a customized version of Personality Types and Values?

    Yes, if you would like to customize your Personality Types and Values, just contact us and we can discuss some options.

  • Is this the only demographic data available?

    We have gender and location and in some instances, life stage. If you would like to discuss more demographic data options, just contact us.

  • How can brands use Mattr to drive higher quality engagement with their customers?

    It has been proven that Influencers can help convince your customers to take action on your behalf. Social media has been proven to be one of the best ways to identify and engage with those Influencers. By reaching out to the right Influencers at the ideal stage in your customers’ purchase lifecycle, you can help increase conversion, engagement, brand awareness and more.

  • Why is over-indexing interests for your influencers so valuable?

    Over-indexing helps identify those unique or special interests that your influencers are more inclined to gravitate towards - which allows for more precise targeting to that group, resulting in more bang for your buck.

  • What are the advantages of using Mattr compared to other Influencer tools?

    Our advantage starts with our Natural Language Processing algorithms, which identify not only rare interests, demographics, and life-stage data for Influencers- but also, unique value and personality data. For example, are your Influencers more traditional or non-conformist? Are they more Daring or Wholesome?  Mattr offers Persona segmentation for your audience based on a combination of these factors.

    Mattr is also an ‘Influencer Discovery’ tool built around events or topics. Users can easily identify Influencers using Mattr. They can also search for specific content across all social sites, and discover new or more relevant Influencers. Once Influencers are identified or discovered and added to the Influencer pool, Mattr pulls ALL content for that Influencer (Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, blogs, etc).

    Last, Mattr offers historical Influencer reporting as well as live reporting.

  • Is Mattr competent in Professional Services for large Enterprises?

    Yes, Mattr can easily integrate with a company’s internal CRM system and other transactional data to help prove true ROI.


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