The year is 2004. You wait patiently in front of the TV for that new scooter commercial to come on Nickelodeon so you can show your parents exactly what you want for Christmas. Meanwhile, your mom flips the channel to see the latest Great Wolf Lodge commercial trying to decide where the fam should travel for the holiday. But, gone are the days of scripts and actors showing you the coolest hotel destinations or circling the latest toys in catalogs. Social media, and specifically influencers, have changed many things in our consumer lives. Especially the way we do the holidays, and it’s time for all brands to notice. 


Perhaps the most obvious are the gifts that are making our wish lists. We are spending more time on social media than watching television or reading the paper or listening to the radio. And even if it is subconscious, your Christmas list is probably made up of things you have seen scrolling through Instagram. If you ask most Gen Zs what they are asking for for the holidays they will probably direct you to a James Charles video of his latest makeup palettes or maybe something from a former Bachelor contestant’s new clothing line. Word of mouth marketing is generating twice as many sales as direct advertising and people’s purchasing decisions are coming from those they trust, and content creators are high on the that list.


The holidays are one of the most popular times to take vacations. Did you know that searches to travel to Thailand grew by 158% after the Kardashians visited there back in 2014? Celebs and influencers online have a huge say in the hottest travel destinations. Children can have a huge say in a family’s travels, and 50% of Gen Z take their travel suggestions from destinations they find through Instagram. We are discovering new and exciting places around the world through travel influencers and many of them are dedicated to showing you the best times to visit, how to do it on a budget, and even how to travel with a family. What better way to become your own travel agent then to take tips from some experts? 


Have you seen Pinterest during the holidays? It’s like an influencer dream. Well, you shouldn’t underestimate its power. In fact, nine in ten pinterest users use their pins to plan purchase decisions. Recipe developers, homemakers, even party planners on social media have a huge influence over the way we are decorating, planning, and cooking during the holiday season. They encourage their audiences to step up their game when it comes to Christmas decor or the Thanksgiving meal spread. And remember, millennials began the tradition of ditching the traditional, so there are so many opportunities to leverage influencers to seamlessly work your brand into a new and fun holiday tradition. 


Influencers predict trends, which is what makes them so powerful. Whether that trend is a new holiday meal, an exciting winter escape for the family, or the latest fashion pieces and tech gadgets to give as gifts, they are the greatest experts to turn to when predicting the holiday trends. Influencer marketing has stolen Christmas and helps dictate the way we are celebrating every year, making it one of the most important seasons for influencer campaigns, no matter your brand. 

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