Valentine’s Day used to be a simple holiday. If you were in a relationship, you’d pick up some flowers or maybe some chocolate and go out for an nice dinner. But we know by now that millennials aren’t here to follow tradition; instead they follow influencers. Influencers have shown us that the younger generations would rather take a trip than get a diamond necklace. Or make some avocado toast rather than get a box of Russell Stovers. And leave it to millennials to take a Parks and Rec episode about “Galentine’s Day” and turn it into a national holiday of their own. Influencers have the power to show their audience all the ways you can spend this holiday. It’s not just for jewelry companies and fancy local restaurants. And, it’s definitely for more than just traditional couples. Valentine’s Day is for everyone, and no matter what you’re selling, there is an influencer out there to celebrate your brand this February 14th.

Here are some of our favorite accounts to check out for Valentine’s Day…

New Darlings

Robert and Christina are the adorable couple behind the New Darlings blog. This husband and wife duo are based in Phoenix and it’s not hard to see why they are well on their way to half a million followers on Instagram. Besides showing off their beautiful home and hip style, they also tackle some serious topics on their blog about growing up, their relationship, and soon becoming parents to their first little one!


Perhaps no Instagram account gives you more #FamilyGoals than Vancity Wild. Brie and Reuben prove there is no excuse not to live an adventurous life, even after becoming parents! This Vancouver based family of 3 explore all over the west coast in their van and document all the beautiful places along the way, giving us some serious travel envy!

Matthew Schueller

Matthew is a travel photographer exploring the world with his husband, Michael Lindsay, (who also has an popular and engaging Instagram account). Whether they are feeding elephants in Thailand or backpacking in Copenhagen, Matthew and Michael give you some serious travel goals AND couple goals. Besides their exciting travel adventures, we also got to see them get married in a beautiful ceremony this past year!


A life and style influencer, Hermela has made a name for herself in the beauty community on Instagram and YouTube where she talks about everything from hair, travel, fitness, and fashion. But, she is also inspiring others through her relationship with her husband. These newlyweds get real about marrying young, their previous long distance relationship, and being each other’s best friends.

Morgan Yates

Of course, we couldn’t forget to give you some Galentine’s Day inspiration on the list. We love to see an account focused on positive female friendships and women supporting other women! Morgan’s account will have you wanting to call up your girlfriends for a happy hour or a mini weekend getaway! On top of that, she is also a successful beauty and style influencer and will give you all the Valentine’s Day fashion inspo you need!

Karli Buckley

Karli is a lifestyle influencer based in Northern California. Her page focuses on health, fitness, travel, and, most importantly, her relationship with her wife, Emily. Together, on their blog, Karli and Emily talk about their favorite places to go, staying healthy, and relationship advice. Most importantly, these two use their platform to inspire others and work towards equality in the LGBTQ community.

Massy Arias

There isn’t anything to NOT be inspired by on Massy’s page. She is a wife, mother, boss, and fitness and health expert, and she succeeds at it all! Her positive messages about physical and mental health as well as her beautiful family are just a few reasons she has grown to have 2.5 million Instagram followers. And whether they are working out at the gym, or going out at night, she and her husband Stefan are our ultimate #CoupleGoals.


One of the most popular #TravelCouples on Instagram, Marie and Jake capture some of the most stunning pictures in the most amazing places around the world.  It’s not hard to get lost scrolling through their adventures, mostly due to their incredible photography and signature editing style. The breathtaking views sure do help too!

Time to Up Your Game

Valentine’s Day has officially moved on to mean more than flowers and chocolates. Whether it’s fitness, travel to remote locations, or including all kinds of relationships, brands need to up their game to win a few seconds of screen time with Millennials. Unsure how to message to Millennials? Choose the right influencers and let them do it for you.


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