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Carol Scott, part of our Travel Massive Austin chapter and Senior Director of Marketing at Mattr, helps brands find and hire social influencers for marketing campaigns. 

Mattr helps travelers who are active on social media get hired by brands for marketing campaigns. We know we have a ton of travelers and content creators here in the Travel Massive community, so we asked Carol a few questions about how to get involved and what Mattr is all about.

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What inspired you to create this startup?

We began our company as a social segmentation service, building an app that can segment a brand’s social audience in real-time by personality, values, interests and demographics. As influencer marketing began to explode, we used the same segmentation model to help brands identify and hire social influencers who best aligned with their brand personality and values.

What makes your startup different from other similar startups out there?

We’re really trying to promote the micro influencer – those everyday people who are passionate about travel and have a dedicated audience who trusts them – to our brand clients for end-to-end marketing campaigns. Brands are starting to catch on to the fact that millennials have practically zero trust in advertising and even celebrities, and  instead, look to friends, family and micro influencers to help guide their purchasing decisions.

How is your startup changing the future of the industry or helping to make travel better?

We’re helping to bring together travel brands and travel influencers for mutually beneficial, yet also extremely authentic, marketing relationships.

Do you have any tips for new entrepreneurs who want to create a successful startup?

Be flexible and expect change. We had to pivot several times to end up in the influencer marketing space.

As a startup, what benefits have you seen from being a part of Travel Massive meetups?

It’s a very targeted group of travelers that we can build relationships with to help grow our pool of social influencers. We feel confident promoting Travel Massive members to our travel brands as paid influencers.

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