The Unexpected is Amazing. Or Terrifying.

What if your audience wasn’t what your research said it was six months ago?

You already know Mattr is big on personality, giving you qualitative answers in 60 milliseconds instead of 60 days (or more). What if we went a step further and you knew if your audience was conservative or liberal, traditional or non-conformist, an early tech adopter, and even its degree of price sensitivity?

We did. Imagine how much that information could impact your advertising, content and PR strategies, especially in real time advertising.

In short, surprises are awesome–so long as you’re prepared.

Launch blog

Now you can see it in real time

Today we announced the Values-Based Social Segmentation expansion of Mattr. We’ve been working hard on this for quite a while and are now happy to say we can provide you with the qualitative information on audiences you’ve long been seeking. With this insight, you can increase brand awareness, consideration / engagement, and conversion.

Using personality traits, STEEP values (social, technological, environmental, economic and political), interests and demographics, you can now create multi-layered personas of your brand’s audience so you can target segments more effectively and align your brand personality and values with a specific audience. Oh, and again, we can give you this information in milliseconds as compared to the weeks required to get it using traditional research models.

Think about some of the ways this data could benefit you:

Better content – whether it’s owned, earned or paid content, having an understanding of your audience’s personality and mindset can enable you to create better content that resonates with them on a deeper level.

Better media placement – again, it doesn’t matter what the content is, but if you know who and what your audiences follow, it presents a better opportunity to pitch, place or publish your content somewhere it will reach them.

Better partnerships – knowing the companies, celebrities and media outlets your audience follows helps you more effectively form partnerships that can drive results for you.

Better engagement – connecting with your audience on a more personal level by showing you understand their values makes it more likely they’ll communicate back with you.

Influence the right buyers, with the right message, from the right people, at the right time

Right. We also added what we think is the best Influence Marketing product in the market. We can now help you identify the most appropriate influencers to target for your brand or event at the different stages of the buying cycle. You enter keywords and we deliver you influencers – but not simply via a list of names.

Using a tiered system, we discover all the influencers you need to know to get from awareness to conversion in markets worldwide:

Macro: Build awareness through paid content
Mid-level: Channel owned content and press for buying consideration
Micro: Funnel calls-to-action for conversions

Tapping into influence is an important part of marketing programs, so we didn’t stop at simply identifying individual influencers. We went further with our Influence Marketing feature so you can identify influential conversations. Sometimes there’s a topic, keyword or trend that’s a priority for a brand. We allow you to monitor those conversations in real-time so you can use them to your advantage.

On a personal note, we at Mattr are very proud of the new Social Segmentation and Influence Marketing features we’ve added. This is the biggest update ever to Mattr and I’m blown away by how hard our team has worked to provide our customers with these new features. Our longtime customers know that we typically take an iterative approach to our updates and extensions. That’s still the case. We’ll be rolling out more elements of our new features in the coming weeks and month – much of it based on customer feedback, so please, let us know what you think. Your opinion matters (pun intended).