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Why You Should Use IGTV In Your Next Campaign

We’re pretty excited by IGTV here at Mattr. Last week we asked the question: would the introduction of IGTV compel YouTube to up its game--to be more competitive in the quest to retain creators and maybe attract them from Instagram? We’ll find out soon enough, I...

Will the Threat of IGTV Cause YouTube to Step Up Its Game?

It seemed to appear out of the out of nowhere, surprising creators, users, and even brands. One day you logged onto Instagram and noticed a new little TV icon at the top of your screen...and all of the sudden we had IGTV. Out of the blue, this new feature has...

How to Get an A+ on Your Back-to-School Influencer Campaign

Kids see them and recoil in horror; parents see them and rejoice. They are back-to-school advertisements, and at this time of year, they are impossible to escape. Billboards, magazines, television commercials -- anywhere you look, back-to-school brands are eager to...

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