Infographic: Who’s the Audience? FIFA World Cup Edition, May 18

Infographic: Who’s the Audience? FIFA World Cup Edition, May 18

World Cup 2014 is being touted as the ‘Social Media World Cup’.  After the huge surge in social media activity during 2010 games, that’s no surprise.  With so many people actively engaging with the World Cup on social, it makes sense for sponsors and Marketing Ambushers to use social data as an additional market insights resource to help plan or optimize their campaigns.

That being said- which sponsor or brand is currently reaching the right soccer audience based on last week’s @FIFAWorldCup Twitter engagement?

At Mattr, we’re analyzing these brands every week!  By taking a sample of @FIFAWorldCup engagers, analyzing their personality characteristics and demographics, and then comparing those Personas to World Cup sponsors and Marketers, we can show who might be resonating best with the soccer audience. 



Week Highlights: The Cleat Brands Are Kicking Butt

Both World Cup sponsor Adidas and Ambush Marketer Nike are pulling social engagement from the same ‘Rugged Male’ group that is making waves with @FIFAWorldCup on Twitter (we like to call them MEP’s, meaning ‘Most Engaged Personas’).  It appears that Adidas’ decision to change their 2010 Marketing tone, from complex to  ‘simple and exciting’, is faring well, since Rugged types prefer less emotion and more straightforward communication.

The true test for both brands will occur during the games, when Marketing teams should be standing by, ready to optimize their campaigns in exciting ways, based on who’s engaging with the World Cup and with their own brands on social.  Adidas seems ahead of the social media game at this point- but time will tell who becomes more relevant.

Of Interest: Will Puma Attack?

Puma claims to be saving their new ad campaign for ‘Back to School’ after the World Cup games have ended, due to the crowded nature and deep pockets of World Cup Marketers.  If they’re strategic, though, they could still make a play in the social media or online world and get some great exposure.  Stay tuned!