New at Mattr: Activate Influencers and Track Engagement

New at Mattr: Activate Influencers and Track Engagement

Here at Mattr, 2016 has already been an exciting year! Some of our most anticipated Influencer Marketing features have been added in January, like the ability to activate influencers,with more coming the next couple of months! Here’s a breakdown of what you will now see in the app.

Activate Influencers for a Campaign

Users now have the ability to create an influencer campaign through Virtual Agent. Search through our pool of Featured Influencers, select and monitor influencers based on your unique campaign goals, and then activate those influencers, instantly, for campaigns. Set campaign details, like specific hashtags to be used by influencers and your campaign budget.

Activate influencers for a campaign and track engagement of your Influencer Marketing campaigns, all through Virtual Agent.

Track Campaign Engagement

View campaign stats for each influencer once the campaign goes live, including number of impressions and engagement (shares, likes, etc). Track how much you are spending on your campaign and how many days the campaign has been active. Exhaust your campaign once your budget has been met- or if the campaign goes viral, increase your budget!

Activate influencers for a campaign and track engagement of your Influencer Marketing campaigns, all through Virtual Agent.

Stay tuned for more feature updates, coming soon!

Talking Influencers in Cannes: What’s Next in Influencer Marketing

Talking Influencers in Cannes: What’s Next in Influencer Marketing

We’re settled back in Austin after a few days of Azure coasts, bleached sands and the constant roar of a dozen languages that epitomizes Cannes where Mattr was named one of Unilever’s Foundry 50. Dubbed as a “festival within a festival” within Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Foundry 50 is an initiative led by Unilever to find leading marketing technology startups to help brands better connect, engage and relate with people.


The Cannes Foundry 50 kicks off with an engaging session themed around Brand, Agency and Start-Up partnerships.

I had the opportunity to present our vision on technology and how it’s shaping the world of marketing and advertising. And as we heard from attendees and other startups, it’s clear that the two most pervasive marketing challenges continue to pop up: (1) Getting a brand’s content seen and (2) Getting that content to the people who you care about.

Consumers want the next new thing.

Years ago, we peered into the very clear crystal ball to see the rapid decline of digital advertising. Andrew Chen’s law of sh**** click-throughs is immutable and moving upslope with millennials, who refuse to click on any kind of ad, no matter how perfectly retargeted.

Then the sands shifted towards content consumption and creation, which has exploded with the meteoric rise of social media. To better understand a brand’s target audience online, it would be too slow and insufficient to deploy surveys and traditional market research.

With the Mattr platform, brands can see instantaneous results, which are driven dynamically from content – from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr. 100% passive, historical to real-time.

Last year, brands and creative agencies were unceasingly tasked with identifying and engaging with those who do content creation best: social media influencers.

But now the challenge lies in recruitment, contract writing, activation, monitoring and engaging with these influencers, which, even for the largest PR and advertising agencies, can be arduous and very time-consuming.

Simplifying the influencer marketing landscape.

We at Mattr think that influencer marketing should be as easy as renting an apartment in Paris through Airbnb. Can you imagine trying to rent a studio in Paris for two nights, then one in Florence for three, before there was Airbnb? The work behind recruiting, contracting with, and monitoring influencers is just as fragmented and inefficient.

Starting this summer, Mattr is rolling out a Virtual Agent feature, which allows brands to select and activate one and up to 100 influencers with just a few clicks. Mattr handles everything turn-key.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 5.07.57 PM

Mattr’s new Virtual Agent feature will make influencer marketing as easy as finding an apartment on Airbnb.

This new feature is reeling in a huge amount of interest not only from our audience at Foundry50, but with prospective clients in the travel industry as well.

Calling All Travel Brands!

If you’re a travel brand that’s as excited as we are about new possibilities in influencer marketing, we’d like to hear from you to be one of our official beta brand clients. Email us at and we’ll respond with details about how Mattr’s Virtual Agent can connect you with the right travel influencers on Instagram.