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See Mattr at Adweek this Thursday, the 26th, in NYC

An App Just for Market Researchers
You’ve been neglected for too long. Analytics platforms, to date, have been for the community manager, whose concern is sending the best updates out to the most networks, the most efficiently.

Well, Mattr is different. With Mattr, you’ll have the tools to design products and campaigns that your target audience will love.

How? You get personality, demos, and interests. Without surveys.

Here are the juicy particulars: Relaunches as Mattr with New Holistic Social Insights Platform Beta 

First glimpse available to AdWeek attendees at 10th Anniversary event in NYC Sept 24-26

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and AUSTIN, TX, Sept. 16, 2013- Companies looking for a comprehensive understanding of what makes their audience ‘tick’ are now able to leverage their social data, rather than expensive and time consuming market research studies. Mattr brings beautiful insight into the personalities, demographics and interests of any brand’s social audience.

Five key new capabilities are available to users of the Beta:

1. Audience segmentation by personality type, demographics and interests.

2. Ability to create and compare ‘Personas’ (comprised of personality type and demographics) for social analysis.

3. Benchmark a Brand’s audience against an industry or competitor.

4. Segmented view of responses to specific social campaigns or individual tweets.

5. ‘Sentiment Variance’ introduced as way of assessing whether an audience is more positive or negative about a brand than they are generally.

Jack Holt, Mattr CEO, comments, “We’re going to carefully manage this Beta, but do want to open it up to a larger audience quickly.  Anyone who’s spent time, money and effort on a large market research study will realize the benefit of our method of using social data to analyze consumer preferences. We provide new levels of insight and same-day results at a small fraction of the cost of traditional studies and make it extremely easy to monitor changes over time.”

Attendees of AdWeek’s 10th Anniversary event in NYC can visit the Innovation Hall on September 26th, where Mattr will be on hand to showcase the platform and register those people who are interested in the Beta program.  All others can request an invitation at

About Mattr

Mattr is leading a new era for consumer insights, providing brands with a deeper, more colorful view into their social audience.  Through a unique mix of personality data and demographics, Marketers can begin to discover what really makes their audience tick.