At Mattr, we’re constantly trying to make our app work better for you.

Kyle Leach- Mattr

That’s where I come in. My name is Kyle Leach. I’m one of the founders of Mattr, but more importantly, a big part of my job here is to listen to what you have to say about our App.

Each week I look at the feedback we receive to prioritize where we should be making adjustments. Is there functionality you wish existed? Can we make changes to a process to make the experience better for you? Is there something that you don’t use or maybe don’t understand? Your feedback gives us answers to questions like these and helps us drive what additions or modifications we make each week. You are important to us. We listen to you, the Mattr user community, before making any changes.

What’s New in the Mattr App?

There are a few notable additions and changes we’ve made to the app recently:

Brand Baseline Historical Snapshot

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 2.15.42 PM

You may notice the Brand Baseline is missing now. That’s because we renamed it Historical Snapshot. This new name is a bit more descriptive of the function. We also now allow you to get a historical glance at Hashtags or Keywords, in addition to the Twitter Handle you were able to track previously.

Active and Future Campaigns

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 2.15.54 PM

While the Historical Snapshot gives analysis of the past, Active and Future Campaigns provide a look at current and future activities. These are live reports which can be set up to follow handles, keywords and/or hashtags.

Brand Campaigns

The Brand Campaign is a grouping of all reports relevant to a Brand. Each Brand Campaign includes historical (Historical Snapshots) and forward looking (Active or Future Campaigns) reports.

Each Brand Campaign gives you one Historical Snapshot and two Active or Future Campaigns. If you need more than that, you can just click on “Add A New Brand Campaign” to add 1, 5 or 10 new Brand Campaigns.

Your Team

Your Team now shows everyone you have invited to manage your Brand Campaign in Mattr. If you’ve been invited to a Brand Campaign you’ll see everyone in that team as well. You can manage the teams of each Brand Campaign separately so people are included only on the Campaigns relevant to them (and excluded where they aren’t relevant).

What’s Coming Soon to the Mattr App?

We’re busy working on a natural language breakdown of the top metrics for your personas. Soon we’ll also be including more flexibility in choosing the reports that are important to you and your Brand Campaigns. Keep watching our blog to hear more about these new features in the near future.

Is there something you’d like us to be working on for you? Email me,, and I’ll get it on the list.