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How to Have a Successful Influencer Campaign With a Niche Target

Want to know one of my favorite things about influencer marketing? I love the way it levels the playing field for niche brands who still want to make a big impact. With the introduction of social media, marketers everywhere have benefitted from the fact they’re now...

5 Ways to Make Influencers Work for You in 2019

Influencer Marketing has officially landed as the fastest growing segment of consumer marketing. Instagram alone accounts for billions of influencer dollars per year. So it’s time to take it seriously (seriously)! Our clients always ask for two things: 1) How do I get...

The Disconnect Between Influencers and Their Audiences

Take a look at the influencers you follow on Instagram. If you are a mom, do you follow other moms? If you are into cooking do you follow recipe developers? Do the influencers you follow reflect who you are? Or do you follow those with totally different lives than...

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