Data-driven full service influencer marketing

Target influencers with the right audience. Pay for performance. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Data-driven. Better Engagement. Less risk.

Mattr provides full service influencer marketing campaigns using proprietary PersonaMesh™ Audience Matching technology to find the right influencers with the right audiences for your brand.

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PersonaMesh™ Audience Matching

Data-driven technology finds influencers with audiences who meet your target market’s psychographics, values, interests and demographics.


We’ll Do The Heavy Lifting

Full-service white glove influencer activation and management for campaigns - freeing up your time and relieving influencer headaches.


Performance Pricing - Save Budget, Lower Risk

Pay for performance and make your influencer budgets go further. Reduce the risk of launching a campaign that gets a lot of impressions but doesn’t make an impression.


Award Winning Technology

Recognized by Unilever Foundry as one of the top 50 marketing and ad-tech startups in the world for our data-driven audience matching technology.

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From the blog

Travel influencers lost influence
Feb 7, 2018

Where they were once an important part of the influencer game, travel influencer content has become closer to that of a celebrity rather than your everyday mid and micro level influencers. And we all know the ineffectiveness of celebrity influencers.

George the cat cop
Feb 5, 2018

Last week I wrote about Fake Influencer Audiences and that I was going to buy some followers for my cat’s new Instagram account. I had no idea how easy it would be, honestly. And how “good” is his audience?

Are there fake instagram followers too
Jan 29, 2018

When brands pay influencers with fake followers, it’s like when the server pours you half a glass of red wine and charges you full price. Except in this case, you can’t see that the glass is half full of cheap wine instead of a big silky and dusty Napa cab.

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