We’ll take a look at where Breaking Bad’s fans may go next. Here’s the first of a series.

Breaking did it – they raised the bar for you, the digital strategist. Any product or campaign or show you pitch must include your social strategy. You need to prove that your pitch is good; that you can appeal to the loudest fans of your product or show.

You don’t have time for long market research studies

Deep down, you don’t really think they’re that good, anyway, because you always end up falling back on traditional demos.

You really want to be able to pitch that you know:

  • Who they are; their “brand personality”
  • Their niche interests
  • The tone that they respond to most

All tough questions. We’ll knock out the first one today, using the Persona builder in the Mattr app tool (it’s in private beta now).

1. They’re Daring

Breaking Bad’s top engagers on Twitter from the Mattr brands app

What this means: Breaking’s top brand personality is Daring. 55% of these Daring types are young, 75% are parents, 60% are male, and 79% are located in the US.

These are people who interacted with one or more tweets from @BreakingBad_AMC in August. So they’re real people. Since our results need to be accurate to 95% or more, the total sample set is about 20% of all interactions.

2. They’re Parents

3. They’re Sophisticated

The next post will go into a bit more detail on Brand personalities — the copy that appeals to them or turns them off. If you’d like to know how we do it, or get in to the beta, hit the Mattr site and sign up. We’re releasing about 5 invites per day.

About Mattr

Segment your audience in hours — not weeks or months — all without asking questions. Craft campaigns and products that appeal to their personalities and unique interests.

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