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Mattr launches a campaign manager specifically for pharmaceutical companies!

Influencer Relationship Management

Whether you have recurring brand ambassadors or turn up new influencers for every campaign, you need an easy way to find them and update their audience data before adding them to a campaign. Leverage our IRM module for full contract and content workflows with 100% transparency.

Campaign Manager

When your reputation is on the line, nothing can fall through the cracks. If your team is stretched and remote, you need one place to store and do everything. Comprehensive workflows will ensure your dedicated and extended teams and clients are kept up to date. Gain client approvals for content right in the platform while your delivery, legal, and finance teams are notified of every new work order, influencer contract, or payment date. 

Campaign Manager – Pharma

Leverage the hottest marketing channel with minimal compliance risk. Our CM-P module will make draft content review seamless, monitor comments with alerts, and provide fully downloadable content for upload into company content management systems.

Flexible Pricing

Got subscription fatigue? So do we! That’s why you can “rent” our award-winning platform precisely how you need to. If you want it for one brand in one campaign, twenty brands for one hundred campaigns, or for the entire year to manage ambassadors we have a pricing plan that your CFO will love. 

Ongoing Services

We’ll always be there for you. Service bundles can include keeping your influencer pool up to date, coding targeting models for new or additional brands, and augmenting your team during a crunch.

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