Mattr's "And it is Amazing" Podcast: Influencer News From the Front Lines with Elizabeth Ollis

Host: Kyle Leach, Mattr
Guest: Elizabeth Ollis, VP Business Development at Mattr

News From the Front Lines

Elizabeth Ollis, VP Business Development at Mattr- Influencer News from the Front LineIn Episode 4 of our ‘And It Is Amazing’ podcast, Elizabeth Ollis discusses what she hears from travel brands regarding their relationships with influencers. She taps into what brands are looking for when choosing influencers, and identifies which metrics are most important to the brand when choosing to partner with influencers. She shares how the things that are going to make an influencer successful with an audience are the same things that are going to make them successful with a brand.

“No matter what your influencer focus might be, make sure you’re being authentic with the brand.”


In this episode, Elizabeth shares:

  • What brands are looking for from travel influencers and who they consider for partnerships
  • Why it is important for an influencer’s style to align with a brand’s values and campaign objectives
  • The key metrics, like engagement and follower count, that brands focus on when choosing influencers as marketing partners
  • How important passion, style and voice is when it comes to choosing influencers for a campaign

Running time 6:36

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