You don’t want to miss the boat.

But you have questions… a lot of them.

Can You? | Should You? | How Can You Make it Happen?

Full Service Advisory

Brands – especially highly regulated brands, like prescription drugs or financial services – are starting to figure out influencers.

We can help.

Can Influencers Legally Represent Your Brand?

Intent is great, but you need to know the rules – regulations from the federal agencies as well as those from your internal legal department. Our relationship with the FTC and FDA will give you definitive answers. We’ve been through it all and will help your teams navigate to success.

Should You Leverage Influencers?

It’s not for every brand or each of your products. Influencer posts need to be authentic and relevant and sometimes brands or products just don’t fit. Or it may not be the right time. Since we’re the neutral party, we’ll help you figure out whether to leverage influencers and, if so, when.

How Can You Make it Happen?

There are literally hundreds of providers and platforms. Since we’ve lived this business for almost ten years, we can tell you definitively what services and platform features you actually need. This is especially useful for complicated, highly regulated campaigns. We’ll be with you the whole way.

What Happens After You Say, “Yes”

You’re in charge. You get meticulous attention to detail and communication before, during, and after the project.

Assess: Know What You Don't Know

We’ll dive deep into your organization so you get all those budget and face-saving answers ahead of time. Legal and regulatory, brand teams, agencies-of-record, executives – these stakeholders all need to be aligned.

Plan: Select the Correct Product(s) and Campaign Timing

Some brands simply don’t work well with influencer marketing. Some products just don’t engage or worse, produce “negative influence” – risks to your brand. We’ve run hundreds of campaigns in various industries, including pharma, so we can lay on a plan with the lowest risk and costs.

Execute: Source the Correct Provider(s) for Your Brand and Company

We’ll be there from the beginning for you, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck, with the lowest possible risk.

Assess: How'd You Do?

You’ll want more and better campaigns. We’ll help with learnings and real ROI data to show how well you did.

Let’s Chat.

Want to learn more? Ready to get a campaign started? Let our team help you strategize your next step in influencer marketing.