Vine is wildly popular and growing fast, with over 40 million users and 1.5 billion plays of the 6-second videos per day.  The personal, creative videos are perfect for spreading brand awareness in an entertaining and engaging way, and marketers from companies like Lego, Adidas and Pizza Hut are beginning to catch on.

That’s why today, we’ve announced the addition of the Top Vine influencers into our app!

The Power of the Vine Influencer

Top Vine influencers have accrued millions of dedicated fans, which can open up a whole new audience to marketers. More importantly, though, these ‘celebrities’ are extremely relatable – they’re famous for being mostly normal. As marketers can attest, that normalcy goes a long way when trying to keep customer’s attention or building trust within certain markets.

Here’s a look at the Top 20 Vine influencer stats to show just how powerful they might be to your brand’s marketing and influencer strategy!

Top 20 Vine influencer stats.

We hope the addition of Vine influencers to the Mattr app is valuable to you, and helps you deliver more impactful campaigns to a broader audience. Other app improvements you might notice this week include assigning/ removing users from a report, editing a report and exporting your report data. Go check it out!

And remember, we always welcome feedback on what you would like to see to make our app more useful and efficient.

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