Most Relevant Figures


Love him or hate him, you have to respect the man’s persistence and energy. His endless enthusiasm for all things new and interesting.

Personally, I love him since he took the time to interview me a couple of years ago – open, child-like verve for anything new. Overnight, he went from just the fourth-most popular to most relevant / unique / over-represented. Well done, Scobleizer.



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What Exactly Does “Unique” Mean?

Do you see that Barack Obama is ranked #1? That means that, of all the people who tweeted using the #SXSW hashtag, more of them follow Barack Obama than any other public figure.

Now look at Scoble; see the “Kapow” exclamation mark? That means that he is “over-represented” by this engagement group. This means an unusually high proportion of #SXSW tweeters follow him. He has increased relevancy among this cohort / segment / persona.

Why should you care? Although these in-demand dudes probably don’t do product endorsements, celebrities do – so If you want to reach SXSWesters, you may have much better engagement from endorsement deals with these unique people.


How’d You Do This?

You can Go to the App Here if you want to try it out yourself.

This is a “Campaign Report” running real time. It’s a sample group of up to 10,000 people who’ve used #SXSW in a tweet. There’s a lot more info than this.

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