Mattr recommends content from  SxSW influencers.Reality check. South By Southwest is two short weeks away! While many of you are probably busy arranging travel and choosing the sessions you’ll attend, we at Mattr are busy finding those marketers, advertisers and social stars who are destined to be big influencers at SXSWi (after all, we are an influencer identification platform). They may not all have massive followings like your typical celebrity influencers, but in reality, they’ve already proven their influential status within their industries, online and beyond.

We’ll be releasing our list of influencers closer to the conference, but as we’ve been identifying them, we’ve also discovered a wealth of marketing and industry knowledge – personal blogs, published books, as well as some LinkedIn Pulse collections and online articles. We thought we’d pay it forward and pass those along to all of you. Treat it as your pre-SXSW reading list to start getting in the mood for what’s to come in a couple of weeks.

At Mattr, we like to say “Personalities Tell Powerful Stories” and #EveryoneMattrs. In other words, an influencer is more than simply influential; they’re a person with unique interests, values and thoughts. By the same token, what they write is more than a collection of words; it’s more than thoughts on marketing. What they write is a reflection of them- their personality, interests and values. That being said, we’ve sorted these reading sources by themes to give you a better idea of the type of content they provide, and the type of person behind the words.

We hope you enjoy!

Charities On the Web & Social

Waddingham’s Words – blog by Jonathan Waddingham

Digital Marketing Insights & Trends

Marketers Studio – blog by David Berkowitz

Building a Successful Enterprise…With Heart

Vistas – by Geri Stengel

A Marketing Alchemist Leads You to the “Next Big Thing”

BeyondThe.Biz – by Wayne Kurtzman

The Brain Meets Marketing

Brainfluence – book by Roger Dooley

neuromarketing – blog by Roger Dooley

Strategies That Make Us Click & Tick

Webs of Influence – book by Nathalie Nahai

Surviving the Social Revolution

When Millennials Take Over – book by Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant (launching at SxSW Book Fair)

The Mixing of Marketing and IT

SocialFish Newsletter: Can Marketing and IT Collaborate – article by Maddie Grant

The Marketing Tech Muse -LinkedIn Pulse collection by David Sanchez



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