Tons of people (at least 26.7 people at 150lbs each) want to know how Mattr does personality analysis using social data. What words and phrases are used? What other markers are added to the algorithms? What research did we use?

Mattr uses lots of research. I’ve listed out two sources and some interesting bits. Obviously, it’s not exhaustive, although I have little problem in disclosing how we do things.


“$h!t Dude, I’m Starving!”

Remember the acronym, “OCEAN”: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. The Big 5 is kind of like the raw materials for a modern day Myers Briggs index. Most current personality surveys map to the Big 5. FYI, Myers Briggs is the Blackberry of smartphones.

Here are some samples how to use the Big 5 based on this research from the University of Md:

– Openness to experiences can be tied to literary likes

– Conscientiousness is tied to use of exclamations such as swear words

Extraversion is tied to perception words such as “hearing” and “feeling”

Agreeableness is tied to biological process words such as “eating” and “pain”

Neuroticism is tied to use of ingestion words such as “drink” and “eat”


Change Your Profile Pic A Lot?














Your behavior on social networks also reveals elements of the Big 5. This study from the University of Texas gives us lots of behaviors to correlate to the Big 5.

Here are just a few:

– Posting Often

– Adding Pictures of Yourself

– Editing Your Posts

– Replacing Your Profile Picture

This is just a taste of the exhaustive research that sourced our algorithms. It’s taken us two years to get where we are and find the right market for personality analysis.

If you’re more interested, drop a note to us from our website.