The Best Street Art to Find Around East Austin

The Best Street Art to Find Around East Austin

Whether you live in Austin or you’re just here visiting, one essential (and free) thing to do is to find the incredible street art hidden throughout the city.  Of course, there are the more popular murals that most tourists flock to like the “Greetings from Austin”, the beloved Jeremiah the Innocent (AKA the frog asking “Hi, How Are You”), and the iconic “I love you so much.”

Although these might be some of the more popular pieces of art throughout the city, we can’t forget about some of the more hidden gems. After all this is Austin so the lesser known something is, the cooler. And since we are located in East Austin, I wanted to focus on some of my favorite murals this side of town. 

  1. Starting off is one of the largest murals around, just before you hit East 5th St., you’ll find this beauty to your right.
Giant Mural

Location: Off i35 between East 4th St. and East 5th St.


2. “How You Doin?”

If Jeremiah the Innocent is a little too mainstream for you (or you’re just a big fan of Joey from Friends), you can find this guy in the overgrown grass by the MetroRail tracks.  

How You Doin with Other

Location: East 4th St. and Attayac


Now heading over to East 6th St.pitstop for food

Keep in mind, East 6th St. also has some of the best food trailers in Austin to check out on your way!




3. “Shoot Rainbows Into Fascism”

Shoot Rainbows Into Fascism

Location: East 6th St. and Attayac

 4. When You’re Strange (my personal favorite)

When You're Strange

Location: East 6th St. and Navasota

5. Dancing Cowgirls

Naked Cowgirl Mural

Location: East 6th and Comal

6. Coffee Critters

The little creatures here also happen to be on Vintage Heart Coffee, the perfect place to stop for a little pick-me-up on your tour, (I suggest their iced coffee with lavender!)

Coffee Creatures

Location: 1405 East 7th St.

Vintage Heart Coffee

vintage heart coffee sign

Now, let’s continue.

7. “Till Death Do Us Part”

Till Death Do Us Part

Location: East 7th and Waller

Going further up northern east Austin

8. Loteria Cards (In an unlikely part of town)

Mexican Folk Art

Location: Cesar Chavez and Chalmers


8. Blue Cat Cafe

For all the cat people out there, you’ll love our last one because what’s better than a mural of cats being abducted by aliens? Plus, one of the great things about this art, is what lies inside. Yes, unlimited play time with cats who all come from the Austin Humane Society and are up for adoption.

Blue Cat Cafe

Location: Navasota and Cesar Chavez


So, enjoy your time in the city, and don’t forget about these places next time you’re on the east side!I love you bacon