“CEOs are checking Instagram for their influencers’ posts..they’re demanding accountability”

Named a world top 50 innovator by Unilever/Foundry, influencer marketing provider MATTR is satisfying the need for transparency and risk mitigation for brands. As the influencer marketing industry continues to expand and evolve, brands are looking to influencer marketing providers not only to identify influencers and manage relationships, but also to direct how influencers get paid for the work they do. Until now, there has not been a standard method for paying influencers. Some brands offer project-based fees, sometimes influencers set the price – each social post costs X amount of dollars, or sometimes influencers require a retainer-based fee. None is scalable.

Today, influencer marketing solution provider MATTR puts an end to the archaic nature of paying their influencers with the announcement of a Cost Per Engagement pricing model. By standardizing the way their clients’ influencers are paid, MATTR can provide peace of mind to both brands and influencers that their payment structure is fair to both sides. Brands reduce the risk of campaigns with poor engagement and content creators (influencers) are incentivized to create more compelling content.

Using MATTR’s end-to-end influencer marketing solution, brands are already able to increase engagement by aligning influencer audiences to their brand, oversee all influencer marketing activities, and monitor metrics throughout the campaign. Now both brands and influencers can benefit by having one set of payment guidelines, one central platform to monitor campaign engagement, and quick and efficient turn-around of payment after a campaign.

“We see client CEOs checking Instagram for their influencers’ posts,” said Jack Holt, CEO of MATTR. “They’re demanding more accountability. It’s about creating a system that’s transparent and will work well into the future for both brands and influencers.”

MATTR is leading the way for revolutionary insight into influencer audiences. MATTR searches beyond celebrities to discover brand-aligned mid and micro influencers with like-minded audiences. Our dedicated account and community management team brings ease and end-to-end assistance to the entire influencer campaign process. Learn more at http://www.mattr.co.

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