Seven Types of Influencers to Leverage for Tailgating Season

Seven Types of Influencers to Leverage for Tailgating Season

It’s no secret how big football and tailgating season is here in America. No matter who you are there is always something to enjoy about this season whether it’s the game, the food, the parties, or even the getting dressed up. And it shows in what we spend – according to Ad Age the average tailgater spends $576 annually on food and beverages at tailgating parties alone. But the spending doesn’t stop there. There is more to tailgates than just grilling and drinking; apparel, party decor, snacks, music, trucks, tents, and sports gear are just a few other of what makes this time of year such a goldmine for marketers.

Back in the day, football might have been considered just a “boys sport”, but today more than 30 million Americans tailgate and watch football each year, and not all of them are going to be the big sports enthusiasts that one might initially imagine – which is good news for brands, because that means you don’t have to be a beer or hot sauce brand to get invited to the marketing party. With the rise of influencer marketing, brands can even think beyond tv spots on how to reach these new tailgate and football attendees. Because, even if they’re not watching the game, Americans are on social media checking out what their favorite influencers are cooking, wearing, decorating with, etc. Below are a few examples of the many different types of influencers brands can leverage for the upcoming football and tailgate season:



Dad – (The Classic Tailgater)

Let’s kick this off with a classic tailgate attendee – Dad. He’s master of the grill, always wearing his favorite jersey, and he hasn’t missed a game – ever. Everything about gameday is sacred to him, and you better believe that he only picks the best of the best brands. He is in the know on all things grills, meats, aprons, utensils, etc. They have a niche audience that is interested in all things “dad”, like sports and food, two of the most important parts of the tailgating season. If you’re a meat or condiment brand – the Dad influencer and his audience are your people. He’s the football influencer touchdown.



The Foodie

If there’s one thing you can count on to be Instagrammed during football season, it’s the food. Every year it seems the spread at the Super Bowl party becomes more extravagant, and you can thank the foodie influencer for that. They are here to make you jealous of what they are serving up  – or at least hungry! Whether you specialize in healthy snacks or greasy finger foods, finding  a foodie with an audience that’s perfect for you could be the key to making your brand a must have at all the tailgate parties. The foodie can provide, not only the latest recipes, but also where to buy them and what to serve them on! It is the most Pinterest worthy part of the season.


The Party Planner

Next we have the influencer that truly does it all, they are the party planner/mom/home/lifestyle influencer. There is hardly anything she can’t be utilized for when it comes to influencer marketing, and tailgating season is no different. We know how much celebrating goes on this season, and who better to show you how to plan the perfect party than the party planner? She is savvy on where to buy the most affordable and fun party planning necessities, like chairs, coolers, and all football themed decor. You can also count on the her to share fun snacks and drink recipes as well!



Millennials – (The College Tailgater)

Fall brings lots of different types of tailgates, but one of the most cherished is the college tailgate. The start of the new school year is right around the corner,  and college  students (and parents, alumni, faculty, etc) are already preparing for their college tailgate parties. But, it’s the college students who will be making new traditions and searching for the latest and greatest to make their tailgate better than any rivals. Tents, tarps, trucks, coolers, music, food and beverages will all be on the shopping list. The only thing these millennials might be better at than perfecting the perfect party is social media. Millennials have a significant impact on their peers and their social audience, showing high engagement with diverse audiences, which is why they are always a smart choice when it comes to influencer marketing.


The Techie

In a world of endless technology and busy lives, we have dozens of options on how to catch the week’s games. The Techie is a great resource to show the latest ways to view games, best portable electronics, and newest tech to keep up those devices with power. They also are experts on the best televisions and sound systems so you can feel like you are truly at the game. Since technology is something most people want the best of, they have a broad audience and can help build the case for your brand.


The Fashionista

If you’ve been to a tailgate then you know it’s not just about the jerseys and sneakers. It’s popular to dress up for the party, especially in your team’s colors. The fashionista is here to show us the latest trends in tailgate fashion. Her audience is the one you don’t think to reach out to during football season. She has you covered on what to wear and where to buy it. Her audience is diverse and can reach women of any age, whether they are attending college tailgate or planning for their first Super Bowl parties.


The Sports Enthusiast

Last but certainly not least, the sports enthusiasts. He or she is here for all of your tailgating, football, and sports needs. They are your football fanatics taking their team pride over the top. This year alone $8 billion will be spent on sports apparel. That’s where these guys come in. The best jerseys, hats, face paint, footballs, and gear to make you the most spirited fan at tailgate. The sports enthusiast has a niche audience that shares the same interests as them, but range in age, gender, and ethnicity.



So marketers, don’t hold yourself back this football season. Influencers have to power to help build awareness, trial and sales for your brand, and tailgating is one of the most authentic ways to activate influencers this fall. So, no matter your brand’s category, it is the perfect season to utilize these experts and reach their trusted audiences!



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