Mattr Influencers Now Equipped to Capture 360-Degree Video

Mattr Influencers Now Equipped to Capture 360-Degree Video

The amount of content being produced by brands on a daily basis is exploding, and that content keeps getting better and better. What might have been considered ‘quality’ content a year or two ago may not qualify as such today. There’s so much variety out there now – blog posts, emails, photos, videos, social media posts, etc. – that we’re seeing two things:

1. It’s hard for consumers to keep up with and pay attention to all of the information they receive

2. It’s hard for brands to truly stand out to consumers

As content continues to get better and the amount that is published increases exponentially, brand customers, prospects, and followers are also shifting their content expectations. To get their attention, and even hope to get engagement from them, brands need to connect with them on a more personal level than ever before, all while understanding their interests, passions, and values. Brands must be informing, educating, or entertaining their audience- sometimes all at once.

Virtual Reality Video Immersion

With the current interest in virtual reality technology comes an opportunity for brands to earn the attention of potential consumers through actual video ‘experiences’. Virtual reality technology allows brand followers to become an immersive part of the content rather than merely a spectator, viewer, or reader. They will feel as if they’re actually in the video and part of the story, due to the 360-degree views all around them.

360fly Video by Rob Holland

360fly Video by Rob Holland

For brands in certain industries, such as travel/tourism, hospitality, agriculture, and entertainment, 360-degree video has already proven to be helpful in connecting with followers and providing them with authentic, unique experiences.  St. Giles Hotel educated their followers about cities where they have hotels by putting 360-degree cameras into guests’ hands and encouraging them to capture the city they were visiting. Authentic Food Quest gave followers an immersive experience of shopping local by walking through the streets of a farmer’s market in Paris with a 360-degree camera.

Today we announced the steps we’re taking at Mattr to help brands take advantage of this trend by training and equipping our influencers to capture creative, inspiring 360-degree video content.

360-degree Training

Influencers who create content in innovative ways are more valuable to the brands which hire them, and in turn increases the potential for them to earn money from those paid relationships. By consistently training our influencers on the latest content creation methods and technologies, we’re assuring their content is top of mind for their audience, and helps to improve influencer programs for our brand clients. Currently, we’re training our influencers on how to capture successful 360-degree experiences using interactive guides and videos.

360-degree Technology

For those brands needing a higher quality, more polished 360-degree video than can be captured on a smartphone, Mattr is purchasing 360fly 360-degree cameras for select influencers. These cameras will allow influencers to more professionally produce a completely immersive 360-degree experience for viewers.

Mattr is the first influencer marketing platform with 360-ready influencers. If you’d like to learn more about working with influencers who can create 360-degree content for your brand, submit your information here.