4 Of The Sweetest Dad Influencers You’ll Find For Father’s Day

4 Of The Sweetest Dad Influencers You’ll Find For Father’s Day

Dads are different nowadays. They’re staying home with the kids, cooking, cleaning, buying groceries and medications. And these young dads are different: two thirds (66%) of the millennial dads surveyed value high quality products compared to 45% for moms. But that’s not all – 80% want a brand to listen to them and value their opinion. This compares to just over half the men surveyed who don’t have kids. So these guys can be passionate about your brand.

Dads are shouting at you and want you to acknowledge them. The best way? Hire other passionate dads to pitch and advocate for your brand! If you need help, we’re here for you. Take a look at the four accounts below, which range from 1,500  to over 200,000 followers. All have unusually high engagement rates and solid authenticity. As with all Mattr recommendations, we check to ensure their audiences are organic and not bought.


So dang cute! This couple has twins and are exceptional photographers. Unlike a lot of dads on Instagram, most of their posts include the girls – Christmas, Halloween, or just lounging on the sofa watching TV.

Coming in squarely as a mid-range influencer, he also sports a crazy high 15% engagement rate.


Similar to burtonbanksbuffaloe, Devon and Rob have two young children, produce superb photography and are..beautiful people having fun with their kids. Even though their reach is over 200,000 Instagram followers they still have a terrific engagement rate of over 5%.


Maybe the sweetest Instagram of the four, Josh Rodriguez is an Austin blogger who loves craft beer, bbq, but most all, his three young kids. Josh’s feed overflows with Texas authenticity: friendliness, food, and tons of smiles. You’ll love it!

With a quickly growing audience of 3,000 followers and an engagement rate around 5%, Josh will work hard for you and offers a great way to reach hyper-local audiences.


Need a smile? When you get bored of scanning the “mademesmile” subreddit, flick over to Mark’s Instagram. You’ll be grinning ear to ear along Mark and his three kids as you live with them and their huge smiles. You can tell how much care he takes with his posts when you see the consistent quality of his pictures.

Mark’s account is smaller at under 1,500 followers but sports an engagement rate of over 10%, which nets you the same engagement as an account of nearly 10,000 followers with average engagement.

In absolutely every campaign Mattr managed last year, our brand teams wanted to expand their market. Try a Dads campaign or just add a couple dads in your next Moms campaign. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

Love is in the Air … Our 8 Favorite Millennial and Couple Influencers for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the Air … Our 8 Favorite Millennial and Couple Influencers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day used to be a simple holiday. If you were in a relationship, you’d pick up some flowers or maybe some chocolate and go out for an nice dinner. But we know by now that millennials aren’t here to follow tradition; instead they follow influencers. Influencers have shown us that the younger generations would rather take a trip than get a diamond necklace. Or make some avocado toast rather than get a box of Russell Stovers. And leave it to millennials to take a Parks and Rec episode about “Galentine’s Day” and turn it into a national holiday of their own. Influencers have the power to show their audience all the ways you can spend this holiday. It’s not just for jewelry companies and fancy local restaurants. And, it’s definitely for more than just traditional couples. Valentine’s Day is for everyone, and no matter what you’re selling, there is an influencer out there to celebrate your brand this February 14th.

Here are some of our favorite accounts to check out for Valentine’s Day…

New Darlings

Robert and Christina are the adorable couple behind the New Darlings blog. This husband and wife duo are based in Phoenix and it’s not hard to see why they are well on their way to half a million followers on Instagram. Besides showing off their beautiful home and hip style, they also tackle some serious topics on their blog about growing up, their relationship, and soon becoming parents to their first little one!


Perhaps no Instagram account gives you more #FamilyGoals than Vancity Wild. Brie and Reuben prove there is no excuse not to live an adventurous life, even after becoming parents! This Vancouver based family of 3 explore all over the west coast in their van and document all the beautiful places along the way, giving us some serious travel envy!

Matthew Schueller

Matthew is a travel photographer exploring the world with his husband, Michael Lindsay, (who also has an popular and engaging Instagram account). Whether they are feeding elephants in Thailand or backpacking in Copenhagen, Matthew and Michael give you some serious travel goals AND couple goals. Besides their exciting travel adventures, we also got to see them get married in a beautiful ceremony this past year!


A life and style influencer, Hermela has made a name for herself in the beauty community on Instagram and YouTube where she talks about everything from hair, travel, fitness, and fashion. But, she is also inspiring others through her relationship with her husband. These newlyweds get real about marrying young, their previous long distance relationship, and being each other’s best friends.

Morgan Yates

Of course, we couldn’t forget to give you some Galentine’s Day inspiration on the list. We love to see an account focused on positive female friendships and women supporting other women! Morgan’s account will have you wanting to call up your girlfriends for a happy hour or a mini weekend getaway! On top of that, she is also a successful beauty and style influencer and will give you all the Valentine’s Day fashion inspo you need!

Karli Buckley

Karli is a lifestyle influencer based in Northern California. Her page focuses on health, fitness, travel, and, most importantly, her relationship with her wife, Emily. Together, on their blog, Karli and Emily talk about their favorite places to go, staying healthy, and relationship advice. Most importantly, these two use their platform to inspire others and work towards equality in the LGBTQ community.

Massy Arias

There isn’t anything to NOT be inspired by on Massy’s page. She is a wife, mother, boss, and fitness and health expert, and she succeeds at it all! Her positive messages about physical and mental health as well as her beautiful family are just a few reasons she has grown to have 2.5 million Instagram followers. And whether they are working out at the gym, or going out at night, she and her husband Stefan are our ultimate #CoupleGoals.


One of the most popular #TravelCouples on Instagram, Marie and Jake capture some of the most stunning pictures in the most amazing places around the world.  It’s not hard to get lost scrolling through their adventures, mostly due to their incredible photography and signature editing style. The breathtaking views sure do help too!

Time to Up Your Game

Valentine’s Day has officially moved on to mean more than flowers and chocolates. Whether it’s fitness, travel to remote locations, or including all kinds of relationships, brands need to up their game to win a few seconds of screen time with Millennials. Unsure how to message to Millennials? Choose the right influencers and let them do it for you.


MATTR is the only full-service influencer marketing provider with detailed audience insights from PersonaMesh™. We go beyond demographics into psychographics such as values and interests so that your influencer campaigns align with your campaign targets.

How to Have a Successful Influencer Campaign With a Niche Target

How to Have a Successful Influencer Campaign With a Niche Target

Want to know one of my favorite things about influencer marketing? I love the way it levels the playing field for niche brands who still want to make a big impact. With the introduction of social media, marketers everywhere have benefitted from the fact they’re now able to have a stronger connection with their target markets. They could see what locations they were in, how they were interacting with each other, and who was influencing them. But perhaps no marketers benefit from this more than those with very niche targets. Whether those targets were data scientists in the midwest or cannabis influencers in northern California, finally niche brands got a glance into the hidden spaces their audiences existed in and how they could finally reach them.

More importantly, now that influencer marketing has taken over the game, brands with niche targets are rejoicing at the fact that they know how and where to reach their audiences, right there in their own space. Influencer marketing seems to be the perfect solution for these brands to reach this specific group of people in a successful and authentic way. But, before you can run a successful influencer campaign, you need influencers. Aftertall, finding people in your niche is one thing, finding INFLUENCERS in that niche is a whole other thing.

Having a successful influencer campaign with a niche target is possible, but here are some things to keep in mind before running one…

It is Going to Take Time

The open range of social media is a great place to find and target to your niche audience. Influencers at this point can seem like there’s a dime a dozen – there’s tons of fashionistas, and mommy and travel influencers on social media. But what about the influencers you need? Where are those blogging about horoscopes or science professors blogging about curriculums? If you’re searching for a needle in a haystack … it’s going to take time. Although Instagram is a huge space, you aren’t always going to find an abundance of every influencer niche in any specific area of the country, especially not ones with good credibility and acceptable engagement. And keep in mind, the more niche you are, just like the more hyperlocal you are, the more time you need to give yourself to find the right people. So don’t be surprised if your search takes more than a few days or even more than a few weeks to find the perfect influencers for your niche.

The more specific you get, the harder it will be

Searching for the right influencer can be tedious and frustrating, and it is possible that the perfect person you have in mind isn’t out there. Consider opening up your search to some secondary choices. Look to new platforms like Twitter or Linkedin for influencers. Maybe if you are searching in small town, look to influencers in a big city nearby, chances are many of their followers live in that town closeby. Don’t go looking for some big celeb in your space, look to micro, or maybe even nano influencers. Those with 500-5k followers that can authentically and passionately represent your brand. Chances are their engagement is higher than most celebrities anyway. The more barriers you put on your search, the more impossible it will appear to become.

It is Going to Cost You

To find the right people it will cost you. The time and energy it takes to find the right people for a niche campaign can be exhausting. Once you find someone with a voice in your space, remember, often times they are not professional influencers, especially if they are micro or nano. Response times could be slow and campaign drop out rates can be high. Are you sure they will even be interested? Have you made sure they’re credible and that they haven’t previously bought followers or likes? Searching and vetting influencers for niche campaigns is arguably the most difficult part and to get it done right and see results, you have to be willing to make an investment. If you’re short on time or team members, this may be a point where it will really pay off to work with an influencer marketing vendor who can help ease these search headaches.

It Will Be Worth it

The good thing is when you do find the right influencer, you are more than likely going to truly connect with your target. We’ve talked about how you sometimes see a disconnect with influencers and their audiences, however, the more niche, mico, and hyperlocal you get, the more that disconnect fades away. If you are a micro Disney influencer then that is most likely the interest of your followers. And if you are a food influencer that reviews restaurants in a small city in New Jersey, then that is where most of your following will be too. The nicheness of your target might be a pain in the beginning, but once your campaign is running you are setting yourself up to find some genuine real engagement. And isn’t that what influencer marketing is all about?


So don’t give up, no matter how niche, there are ways to make a successful influencer campaign. You can always look to companies like Mattr, who are here to make it easier for you by doing that heavy lifting. As long as you prepare for the cost and give yourself enough time, creating a successful influencer campaign with a niche target is possible and can be very worth your while.

5 Ways to Make Influencers Work for You in 2019

5 Ways to Make Influencers Work for You in 2019

Influencer Marketing has officially landed as the fastest growing segment of consumer marketing. Instagram alone accounts for billions of influencer dollars per year. So it’s time to take it seriously (seriously)! Our clients always ask for two things: 1) How do I get more engagement for less budget? And, 2) How can we expand our market?

Here are five resolutions we feel you should stick to this year to ensure you get the most out of your influencer campaigns:

  1. Determine the solution that’s best for your brand. Your influencer budgets should be growing – how can you best optimize your spend? Are you ready for DIY or do you still benefit from a white glove experience?

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  1. Measure Your Campaigns by engagements instead of impressions/followers. Influencers are not billboards or display ads and you should expect them to deliver more than potential eyeballs on content about your brand – I’m talking likes, shares, clicks, etc . You need to get the data on who’s actually providing you value and leverage that person or persona of influencer.

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  1. Rely on Audience Data. This could be your number one tip for getting more, and better, engagement. You choose audience for digital and social ads – why not influencer? Most influencer vendors provide detailed audience data including how valid the audience is and whether or not they’ve been “bought.” Take it a step further and start asking that the influencer’s audience is aligned to your brand’s target market’s demographics and psychographics.

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  1. Focus a campaign on millennials. Millennials are now spending more money on consumer goods than their parents. And they are the most influenceable consumer group with cash to spend. Think your product is not a good fit for a millennial? The potential ROI might make you want to reconsider.

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  1. Work with Dads. As with millennials, you’d be surprised at the purchasing power of dads nowadays. At Mattr, our clients are leveraging dads for products that have always been aimed at women. Cooking, fashion, kids, you name it. Get with the now and add a dad to your next campaign!

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Following these tips will drive engagement up as well as introduce new consumers to your brand. As much as anything, however, you’ll need to get more with less budget in the coming years so think seriously about DIY if you’re running more than a few campaigns per month.

The Disconnect Between Influencers and Their Audiences

The Disconnect Between Influencers and Their Audiences

Take a look at the influencers you follow on Instagram. If you are a mom, do you follow other moms? If you are into cooking do you follow recipe developers? Do the influencers you follow reflect who you are? Or do you follow those with totally different lives than you? Maybe you live in the midwest and you follow travel bloggers based in Dubai. Or maybe you are single and living in the south, but follow mom bloggers in NYC.

No matter what your interests are, I can guarantee there are influencers out there talking about them. The interests may be broad, such as beauty or cooking, or as niche as sports betting in the Northeast. But, no matter what the topic may be chances are there is probably an influencer out there sharing about it and they have a loyal and interested following too! However, one of the greatest guilty pleasures of social media is our chance to follow the lives of those very different from us. I call these the “aspirational follows.” Aspirational follows sound harmless, but they are an important aspect for brands looking to invest in influencer marketing to keep in mind.

Why We See the Break in Connection

Sure, often when you find an influencer, data will show their followers to be very similar with the same interests, similar ages, and close in location. However, what’s a little less expected but frequently true is that the audiences aren’t as similar as one would think. There’s a disconnect between influencers and their audiences – meaning an influencer’s audience doesn’t exactly mirror the influencer’s demographics and psychographics. This gap between the influencer and those who follow them, unfortunately, can mean partners may be reaching far fewer of the target audience than you hoped you would. This is something we talked about in a past blog when it came to light that people follow travel bloggers only to enjoy the beautiful imagery and daydream about world travels, not to book an immediate trip to Mykonos.

For example, take Jay Alvarrez, a hugely popular travel blogger who is sought out by many brands. He is a male, in his mid-twenties, traveling the globe, driving a G-Wagon, and jumping out of airplanes. But does his audience reflect that same lifestyle? According to our data, they don’t. In fact, travel isn’t even the number one interest of his audience. It’s fashion and beauty, which may be due to the fact that the majority of his audience are females under the age of 23.

This goes for location as well. Another example would be Sarah Anderson, a Denver based family blogger. Naturally, a Denver based brand would love to work with such a big influencer local to the city, especially since it can be hard to find influencers who aren’t based in LA or NYC. But how much of her audience could even relate to a Denver based brand? Or how many could shop at a retailer specific to Denver? When you take a look at her audience location you see the top cities are New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Only about 3% or 1.5k followers are in that Denver market.

How to Benefit From this Disconnect

This disconnect isn’t always a bad thing. In fact these differences can often open up your influencer search and you can begin to leverage influencers you wouldn’t otherwise think were right for you. An example of this would be influencer Blair Flynn. She herself is a not a mother. However, over 38,000 of her followers are. If you want to reach moms, you don’t only have to look at mom bloggers. Believe it or not, they are following other people.

Resolution – How To Be Sure

The most important thing you can do to avoid these situations and to ensure you are reaching the right audience is to analyze audience data rather than only the influencer data. Find a platform, like Mattr, that can provide that for you. Like influencer fraud (which is a whole other monster), this disconnect is a real concern. Never assume an influencer and their audience are one in the same. If there is one thing we’ve learned in the industry, it’s that you cannot simply look to an influencer and know they are right without researching their followers too.

How to Minimize the Disconnect When You Don’t Have Audience Data

A simple way to try and avoid these situations is to consider going micro…or even nano. Micro and nano-influencers are those with a mere 1k-5k or so followers. While this isn’t always the case, often the bigger an influencer gets, the more disconnect we see between them and their followers. As macro influencers grow, their audiences begin to show more diversity–locations broaden, as do interests and ages. When an influencer is first starting out and is still considered “micro,” their audience tends to reflect them a lot more. They start hyperlocal (which means their followers are in the same city), and typically share the same interests, age, and lifestyles. But of course there are pros and cons to using micros (read more here).

No matter if you go big or go small, by analyzing audience  data you’ll be able to calculate exactly how many of your target consumers you’re reaching and vastly open the pool of influencers available to pitch your brand.



MATTR is the only full-service influencer marketing provider with detailed audience insights from PersonaMesh™. We go beyond demographics into psychographics such as values and interests so that your influencer campaigns align with your campaign targets.