It’s the most wonderful (and busiest) time of the year for marketers. The holiday season is quickly approaching and you are working as diligently as the elves in Santa’s workshop to make sure this season counts in a big way for your brand. Because this is one the biggest time of the year for campaigns and advertisements, it becomes easy for audiences to get overwhelmed, banner blindness, and jaded. Consumers will drive by billboards on their commute home and notice nothing, they will change the channel when a commercial comes on during one of their favorite holiday movies, and they will scroll right past your Facebook ads without batting an eye. So what are they paying attention to, or better yet, WHO are they paying attention to . . . ?

. . . Social media influencers! Influencer marketing has the authenticity, transparency and listeners that other mediums lack. Influencer marketing is your opportunity to stand out and reach your target without your message feeling like just another advertisement. You have your consumer’s needs, and the influencer has their attention and trust. Together you can create some holiday magic.

Here are a handful of ways to leverage influencers this holiday season…


Whether you love it or hate it, it’s impossible to escape holiday shopping. For some retailers holiday sales make up as much as 30% of their total annual sales. When you think of a “social media influencer” the first thing that comes to your mind is probably a fashion or beauty blogger. And, although there is a huge market online for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers, there are also tons of accounts focusing on a broad range of products consumers will be shopping for this season. There are mom influencers that could review children’s products, techies to review the latest phones and computers, foodies to share about the latest cookware or kitchen gadgets, and college students to review school supplies and planners. Truth is, there are countless types of influencers that focus on all sorts of niche industries–and your target market is already following them on Instagram and looking to them for gift guides and product recommendations.



Let’s face it, eating and drinking is arguably the best part about the holiday season. No matter what your plans are, they usually revolve around food and family and there’s lots of brands who can benefit from this time of year. It is not just food brands and kitchen supplies, many national local restaurants and grocery stores even use hyperlocal influencers to promote their local business and reach people in their own community. Influencers are there to show their audience why you are the best–and that audience trusts their opinions.

A lot of brands jump straight to Instagram when launching an influencer campaign, but if cooking and food are your sweet spot, then Facebook could be your answer. One popular trend among foodie influencers is to post 1 minute recipe videos, which can rack up huge engagement, views, shares, likes, etc. A perfect way to get in front of the right target market.



When you think of vacation many times summer comes to mind. However, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are among some of the busiest long distance travel periods of the year. Many are traveling to visit family, and many people are looking to escape for the holidays. Travel influencers are a major part of the Instagram platform and some of the most followed accounts, and everyday travel brands are utilizing them to show their audience the best places to explore. Hotels, flights, new destinations, and travel gear are all industries that are benefiting from influencer marketing.  Foodie American influencers who travel to the middle east? Friendly Canadian travelers who love Norway? There’s a world of niches, so be picky!

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest and biggest growing marketing strategies over the past several years. If it’s it is something you’ve been wanting to do more of or always thought of but never pursued – what better time to start than the holiday season? Think it’s too late to get a holiday campaign off the ground? At Mattr we specialize in activating last minute influencer campaigns for agencies and brands on a performance pricing model – saving precious end of year time, money and resources. If you’d like more information on we can help with your end of your campaign, let us know.

Happy holidays and let the influencer campaigns begin!

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