Spring Travel – Part 1 in our Influencers for Spring Time Series

Although the weather may not reflect it, spring is here and depending on where you live, you probably couldn’t be happier about it. The snow has melted away and it’s time for marketers everywhere to awaken from their winter hibernation. While January and February can often be a slower time for brands, the winter slump is over and springtime brings some great opportunities for influencer marketing – including spring travel!

Travel influencers are one of the most impactful influencer groups, and spring is one of the best times of the year to leverage them. The possibilities are endless with upcoming family vacations, college spring breaks, festival season, and more! And  partnership opportunities aren’t just for travel – also think fashion, beauty, and food or beverage to name just a few. Even people not taking spring breaks may be starting to think about summer trips which is convenient since influencers have made it possible to book your entire trip straight through their posts! So, pack your bags and get ready to meet a few of our favorite influencers to leverage for spring travel:

Olivia Rink –  Olivia has had some of the largest growth in an influencer we’ve seen in the past couple years. Her incredible style, insanely high engagement, and authentic sponsored posts have made her one of the most sought after influencers on the platform for brands. Her page is also incredibly broad and covers everything from fashion to home to travel to beauty. Her colorful and fun aesthetic and trusted opinions on travel make her the perfect influencer for music festivals this spring.

Tiffany Darlyn – It can be difficult to travel as a big family. You want someone to look up to that knows what it’s like to travel with several young kids. That’s why Tiffany makes for one of the best influencers to show how to travel with children. Great content and an inspiring, yet still relatable, feed show why she has garnered her huge audience across multiple platforms and a great influencer to show spring break travel plans while the kids are out of school!

Allie Adams – You can’t talk about spring travel without bringing up spring break travel. It’s the biggest time of year for college students to road trip or fly to a beach destination and escape classes for a week. Who better to give suggestions on how to do it best than a college influencer? Allie has some great content, she’s super connected with her school, has high engagement, and a college life straight out of a movie. College influencers, like her, can show the best destinations, hotels, or car rentals to use for spring break. And since they are college students they can show their followers how to do it on a budget!

Ciara Johnson – Can’t forget about including just an overall great travel influencer! We’ve talked in the past about how some travel influencers have lost that authentic engagement that makes influencer marketing work so well, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still genuinely great travel bloggers out there. Ciara is one of our all time favorites. Diving into cultures all over and talking authentically about her experiences in an approachable way makes her one of the most influential. Not only does she show you how to do it, but also why it’s important. Spring travel isn’t all about families and college students; as the weather warms up, everyone wants to plan trips!

Hailey Devine – Another one of our favs – Hailey is not only a great travel influencer, but also an inspiring family influencer. Her and her globetrotting family of four are motivating others from all over to explore the world together. On top of that, being a couple of filmmakers, they can make a killer family travel video too. One scroll through their feed and you’ll be packing up the kids to fly across the world in no time.


There are many reasons spring is one of the biggest time of year for travel, and influencers can be a huge help with those making decisions on where to go and who to book with. You don’t have to leverage just “travel” influencers. Family, college, party, or millennial influencers are some of the best to leverage for spring travel influencer campaigns too.


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