Kudos to Special K for creating a Marketing campaign geared towards women to help end the negative habit of ‘fat talk’ while shopping.   As originally posted in this AdRants post, Special K, in a move similar to Dove’s Beauty campaign, has made a commitment to urge women to quit talking about how fat they think they are.   This is a noble move on Special K’s part, since according to Psychology of Women Quarterly, 93 percent of women engage in fat talk.  Let’s face it, we’ve all been one of those women (or men!) who’ve critiqued ourselves in some form or fashion in front of the fitting room mirror.

Special K has partnered with model Tyra Banks as a spokesperson, to help empower women to be more confident in their bodies, remove negative thoughts, and learn ways to enhance their least favorite features.  All in all, a unique campaign for a great cause.  The type of campaign you hope every woman sees.

Really Getting to Know Your Target Audience

To make a dent in this campaign, Special K really needs to know their female audience and how to reach them.  There are so many variables that can influence with whom and how the campaign might resonate.  Is the target market young or old? Married or single?  Introverted or extroverted?  What type of interests do they have, what other brands do they engage with, and what media do they consume?

Each of these answers can help formulate the perfect recipe for Marketing success.  For instance, is Tyra Banks the most influential spokesperson for this campaign, or would someone like Katy Perry resonate better (a decision that might change depending on the age, interests and personalities of the preferred target-market).

Traditional Research Versus Social Research

Special K could use traditional research methods for identifying these unique ‘Personas’ (which might all be targeted differently for the same campaign) – but that’s timely and expensive.  They could more easily rely on their social audience to pull this information, which holds valuable clues to the types of people who are already engaged with their brand.  If Special K is as forward-thinking in their targeting as they appear to be with their hashtag campaigns, they’ll surely celebrate this newest campaign as a success.

And on that note- if you want to post a positive thought on Twitter to help Special K silence the negativity, use hashtag #FightFatTalk.

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