Today Mattr expanded the capabilities of its influencer marketing solution by adding a content review and editing feature, enabling enterprise brands, especially those in highly regulated industries (HRIs), to more easily manage influencer programs.

For years, enterprise brands in HRIs such as banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceuticals, have struggled to deploy influencer marketing programs due to the legal restrictions they face in marketing their products and services. They have to pay very careful attention to what is said and not said in their marketing campaigns, making it difficult to allow external influencers to play any role in building their brands or supporting sales. Often times, brands in HRIs must get approval from internal legal teams on any marketing content prior to its distribution or publishing.

Mattr’s content review and editing feature streamlines the influencer marketing process for all enterprises, but especially those operating in HRIs, by giving them more insight and involvement into the content developed by influencers they partner with – prior to its publishing.

Influencers upload their content to Mattr’s influencer marketing solution and the brand then receives a link to view the content with the ability to comment on it. This step enables the brand’s legal team to request changes or additions to copy so that any necessary compliance is met. After edits are incorporated, the content is marked as approved for publishing. Once the content goes live, its URL is added to Mattr’s solution, where the live content and draft with comments both reside.

Additionally, all actions throughout the process are stored in the blockchain, providing total transparency into the content development process, reviews, and finalized content. This leaves a detailed audit trail, which is very important for HRIs.

“The new content review and editing feature in our influencer marketing solution brings brands and influencers closer together than anything we’ve seen,” said Jack Holt, CEO of Mattr. “We believe influencer marketing campaigns should be truly collaborative. All too often brands are forced to take a ‘set it and forget it’ approach, and that unfortunately doesn’t work for many, like those in highly regulated industries. The content review and editing feature makes influencer marketing easier for them, while not becoming too overbearing for the influencers.”

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