Eliminates Regulatory Barriers to Influencer Marketing for Pharma Companies 

Austin, Tex. – September 10, 2019 – Today Mattr, the leading technology enabled full service influencer marketing provider, announced Campaign Manager – Pharma (CM-P), the first influencer marketing solution designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Two pharmaceutical companies are already running campaigns using CM-P.

CM-P is the latest solution from Mattr developed specifically to address the marketing challenges facing highly regulated industries, such as pharmaceuticals. 

Regulatory compliance has long made marketing difficult for companies selling pharmaceuticals. With such strict regulations in place, pharmaceutical companies struggle to adopt and incorporate the latest innovative marketing tactics. Influencer marketing is the latest example of this challenge.

Social media content published by pharmaceutical companies must go through onerous approval cycles prior to publishing, so many companies have hesitated to work with influencers, fearing they’d lose content oversight. Additionally, once content is published, community engagement on the content must be closely monitored. Certain comments could require Food & Drug Administration notification by the company. Failing to give that notification could result in penalties.

“We’ve actually had several pharmaceutical companies tell us that they didn’t think influencer marketing was an option for them until they found Mattr,” said Jack Holt, CEO and co-founder, Mattr.

CM-P, developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, solves the influencer marketing challenges facing pharmaceutical companies.

Adverse Effect Comment Moderation

The solution’s adverse effect comment moderation system automates community engagement monitoring and alerts, allowing pharmaceutical companies to easily abide by FDA regulations. If a comment is left on an influencer post that could warrant FDA notification, an alert is sent prompting the partnering pharmaceutical company to review the comment.

Additionally, the non-compete monitoring function can also be used by pharmaceutical companies to ensure influencers they work with don’t violate competitive restrictions included in the parameters of their relationship. Competitor handles and hashtags can be entered into the system to monitor usage, making it easier to quickly discover violations of influencer contracts.

Branded vs. Unbranded Campaigns

CM-P was developed to manage both types of campaigns pharmaceutical companies run: branded campaigns, which explicitly name a drug brand, and unbranded campaigns, which operate similar to a public service announcement and do not name a drug brand.

Content Review and Approval

CM-P features an easy to use environment for content review and approval. Since content faces such strict scrutiny prior to publishing, CM-P enables an influencer to upload content for approval from the pharmaceutical company prior to publishing or submission to its system for approval. This ensures that all content tied to the pharmaceutical brand is in compliance with federal regulations – and gives the company the opportunity to reject any content that may violate federal regulations.

“Based on what we’ve seen in our competitive research, Campaign Manager – Pharma is unique in that it’s uniquely developed with the tools and expertise needed for the pharmaceutical industry,” said Holt. “We put significant resources into gaining a deep understanding of the regulations they face. We wanted to make sure pharmaceutical companies would be very comfortable partnering with us since most have probably never done influencer marketing.”

CM-P also includes all the other benefits that Mattr’s core influencer marketing platform has provided to brands over the past six years:

  • PersonaMesh Audience Matching – many influencer marketing platforms will align an influencer’s demographic and socioeconomic profile with the brand looking to work with them, but Mattr’s technology goes a step further, finding matches for the audience of influencers.
  • Cost Per Engagement Model – this performance-based model ensures that brands are only paying for the results they receive from working with an influencer.
  • Full Service Influencer Campaigns – Mattr offers the option of full service, white glove influencer activation and management, freeing brands from the time investment necessary to run influencer campaigns.

“Mattr is a company for highly regulated industries,” said Holt. “We’ve seen the barriers that prevent companies in industries like pharmaceuticals from running influencer campaigns. Over the past few years we’ve done significant research and development to eliminate those barriers. Campaign Manager – Pharma is the latest example of that. We’re very excited to be able to help pharmaceutical companies work with influencers to tell the stories of the medications they’re creating.”

About Mattr 

MATTR, leaders in influencer campaigns for highly regulated industries, is the only full-service influencer marketing provider with detailed audience insights from PersonaMesh™. We go beyond demographics into psychographics such as values and interests so that your influencer campaigns align with your campaign targets.