And it is amazing. The podcast where we help you build your social influence.

Host: Kyle Leach, Mattr
Guest: Jeremy Pawlowski, travel influencer/ blogger for America Y’all

Up Your Game to Increase Your Influence

Jeremy Pawlowski- travel influencer and bloggerIn Episode 2 of our ‘And It Is Amazing’ podcast, Jeremy Pawlowski shares how he began his accidental journey of becoming a travel influencer in our very own Austin, TX by exploring state parks. Today, his Instagram page has close to 18,000 followers! Jeremy’s discussion emphasizes how influencers should target a specific niche for influence, and then build content and visuals around that niche to help build that influence into a brand.

“If you’re end goal is to be an influencer, pick a theme.”


In this episode, Jeremy shares:

  • How he chooses where to go next to help promote his travel influence
  • What his favorite social platforms are for travel posts
  • Some of his best practices for taking travel pictures
  • How important listening to his audience is when trying to build his travel brand
  • Why picking a theme is important if you want to build your own influence

Running time 6:13

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