And it is amazing. The podcast where we help you become more successful in the world of influencer marketing.

Host: Kyle Leach, Mattr
Guest: Aimee Slade, luxury travel blogger/ influencer for Type A Trips

Up Your Game to Increase Your Influence

'And It Is Amazing' podcast, Aimee Slade knows from personal experience what it takes to build influenceIn Episode 1 of our ‘And It Is Amazing’ podcast, Aimee Slade knows from personal experience what it takes to build influence. Her discussion provides several relevant tips for anyone who wants to follow their passions and become a full-time social influencer, including the importance of communicating to your audience in an authentic way to increase engagement with your posts.

“If you’re just trying to get free things out of being an influencer, you’re in it for the wrong reason, and it’s going to be exhausting.”


In this episode, Aimee shares:

  • How she got started as an influencer 3 years ago
  • What tools or platforms she uses as an influencer
  • Which goals she has placed on herself in regards to her social posts
  • The science behind how she decides what to share with her audience
  • What she sees in common with her most engaged posts and how she encourages that engagement percentage to continually grow

Running time 12:15

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