Mattr Podcast: Show Me the Data with Matt Mullican

Host: Kyle Leach, Mattr
Guest: Matt Mullican, Data Scientist at Mattr

Show Me the Data Behind the Influencers

In Episode 3 of our ‘And It Is Amazing’ podcast, Matt Mullican discusses the data behind the best online influencers. He shares compelling info and quantifiable metrics pulled from the top-engaged travel influencers in the Mattr app. He points out that the data team at Mattr processes and analyzes over 15 million social posts a day to accurately measure these unique metrics, including engagement metrics.


“The top engaged posts rarely repurpose content taken from other channels or other influencers.”


In this episode, Matt shares:

  • The quantifiable metrics Mattr analyzes and discovers about an influencer, including when they’re most active and their top interests
  • What commonalities Mattr sees in the top-engaged posts of the top travel influencers
  • Engagement anlyses and observations for macro, mid and micro influencers
  • Why as an influencer, you would want to actively engage with followers, simply provide content to them, or both– in order to increase your engagement

Running time 5:13

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