The holidays are right around the corner, and brands are already coming up with exactly how to create the perfect influencer campaigns. There are so many qualities that go into making a successful campaign, it can sometimes be difficult to remember them all–and each of their significance in the process. So to make it easier, we have come up with the a recipe needed to cook up the perfect influencer campaign this holiday season.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 cups Authenticity
  • 1 cup of Perfect Target Audience
  • 1 cup of the Right Influencer
  • ½ cup of Trust
  • ½ cup of Communication
  • 1 tbs of FTC Regulations
  • A dash of Creativity
  • (Clear call to action, hashtags, links optional)


1.You want to start with authenticity. This is the most important ingredient [for this kind of campaign] because without it the campaign will lack transparency and receptiveness from the audience. More than anything, it is the ingredient that separates a good from a bad batch in influencer marketing.

2. Next you’ll need to blend together the right influencer with an equal amount of the perfect audience. It is important to get an influencer that shows relevancy to the brand and an audience that is strongly engaged. Note that sometimes brands focus too much on the perfect influencer while ignoring how equally important that influencer’s audience is. For example, if you’re a brand that heavily relies on coupon redemptions to drive purchase, you’re going to want to identify influencers with a price-sensitive audience. If you’re launching new products in specific markets, you’ll want to be sure the influencer not only lives in that market, but that a significant portion of their audience does as well.

3. Now that you have the base of the campaign, it is time to add in the trust and communication. These qualities between the brand and influencer help bring out the authenticity of the campaign and will help it not taste like a traditional ad.

4. Next you add the correct FTC guidelines. This step is extremely important for the safety of the campaign. If mixed correctly, you won’t even notice this ingredient in the final product.

5. Once this is all mixed together, add in the toppings. These can be your best enabler of measurement like ROI. Here you can add a clear call to action, hashtags, even links in the influencers bio.

6. Lastly, for flavor in the campaign, it is important to add in this dash of creativity. It will make your campaign stand out from the rest!

So there you have all of the ingredients for the perfect influencer marketing campaign. Know that depending on the campaign and the season this mix can change, and sometimes the amount of the ingredients can differ as well. But we ensure that if you follow this recipe you will be sure to have a successful holiday season on your hands!



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