By now you’ve most likely heard of micro influencers. Most brands and agencies are beginning to recognize that they are a small but mighty force needed in the industry. Micro influencers usually have niche audience based on a shared common interest in topics like recipes, beauty, or travel. However, sometimes that shared quality doesn’t necessarily have to be an interest at all, but rather their location. These influencers are known as “hyperlocal” influencers. Hyperlocal influencers can be bloggers, mothers, fathers, or just citizens of a city or neighborhood who have gained influence by being a voice within their community. These influencers can be leveraged by many different brands for many different reasons. Here is when and how hyperlocal influencers can help your brand.

Who are they?

They are people like you and me. In fact, they may very well be you or me. Hyperlocal influencers may have a reach of 5k or more, like a typical micro-influencer, or they could have anywhere as low as 800-1,200 followers. This is a small but loyal audience. These influencers are based in specific areas and meant to influence others living in that same town or neighborhood. We aren’t talking about places like New York City, LA, or Atlanta. But small towns like Granbury, Texas or Metuchen, New Jersey — or perhaps a specific neighborhood like Park Slope, Brooklyn. Places where the mayor, the preacher, or the chef at the popular restaurant are the local celebrities. Being an influencer is not their profession, but rather a title given to them because of the close connections and deep knowledge they have of their community.

When should they be used?

Many brands feel stuck when trying to use influencer marketing on a location specific campaign. When your location is a town of 10,000 rather than a city with a few million, it can be hard to reach those residents on a personal level. Local influencers can promote your brand and let the town know what is happening, where it’s happening, and when it’s happening. One of the biggest places this can be useful is with new store openings. For instance, if your campaign is focusing on the opening of a new Trader Joe’s in Leawood, Kansas, who would you turn to promote awareness and ensure a successful opening weekend? Or if a specific convenience store is running a coupon, but only at a few locations, how would you get the word out to drive those sales? Another reason could even be for for public service announcements for the town, or perhaps even local elections. Want to get your message across in a specific area from a trusted voice? Use hyperlocal influencers.

Why are hyperlocal influencers so successful?

Think about your personal Instagram account. The people you follow are as interested in your life as you are in the lives of those you follow. Even more so than larger influencers, you trust these people because they are your neighbor, hairdresser, or that girl from your yoga class. They are people you know and relate to on a personal level. This is what hyperlocal influencers are to their audiences. They take authenticity to a whole new level because most of the time they don’t even see themselves as influencers and they might have a voice without even realizing it. They love the town they live in and want to help it be successful by sharing the opening of a new boutique store or Gold’s Gym. It makes sense and feels natural between them, the brand, and their audience.


Although this term seems relatively new, hyperlocal influencers are some of the oldest forms of marketing. Because of their position and relationship with their audience, the tactic feels more word-of-mouth, rather than a true advertisement. Through hyperlocal influencers, brands can connect with a large part of the community that at times can be hard to reach. You are building a lasting relationship that feels organic to both you, the influencer, and their audience. A win-win-win for all involved. 

So at this point, you’re convinced and thinking, how the hell do I find them? It takes a lot of time and hard work to find micro influencers in general, especially when they have to be based in specific and smaller locations. Sometimes it is best to leave it to the professional companies who already have a pool of these influencers ready to go! Here at Mattr, we specialize in managing influencer campaigns, which includes finding the perfect influencer, no matter what city they might be hiding in.



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