Want to know one of my favorite things about influencer marketing? I love the way it levels the playing field for niche brands who still want to make a big impact. With the introduction of social media, marketers everywhere have benefitted from the fact they’re now able to have a stronger connection with their target markets. They could see what locations they were in, how they were interacting with each other, and who was influencing them. But perhaps no marketers benefit from this more than those with very niche targets. Whether those targets were data scientists in the midwest or cannabis influencers in northern California, finally niche brands got a glance into the hidden spaces their audiences existed in and how they could finally reach them.

More importantly, now that influencer marketing has taken over the game, brands with niche targets are rejoicing at the fact that they know how and where to reach their audiences, right there in their own space. Influencer marketing seems to be the perfect solution for these brands to reach this specific group of people in a successful and authentic way. But, before you can run a successful influencer campaign, you need influencers. Aftertall, finding people in your niche is one thing, finding INFLUENCERS in that niche is a whole other thing.

Having a successful influencer campaign with a niche target is possible, but here are some things to keep in mind before running one…

It is Going to Take Time

The open range of social media is a great place to find and target to your niche audience. Influencers at this point can seem like there’s a dime a dozen – there’s tons of fashionistas, and mommy and travel influencers on social media. But what about the influencers you need? Where are those blogging about horoscopes or science professors blogging about curriculums? If you’re searching for a needle in a haystack … it’s going to take time. Although Instagram is a huge space, you aren’t always going to find an abundance of every influencer niche in any specific area of the country, especially not ones with good credibility and acceptable engagement. And keep in mind, the more niche you are, just like the more hyperlocal you are, the more time you need to give yourself to find the right people. So don’t be surprised if your search takes more than a few days or even more than a few weeks to find the perfect influencers for your niche.

The more specific you get, the harder it will be

Searching for the right influencer can be tedious and frustrating, and it is possible that the perfect person you have in mind isn’t out there. Consider opening up your search to some secondary choices. Look to new platforms like Twitter or Linkedin for influencers. Maybe if you are searching in small town, look to influencers in a big city nearby, chances are many of their followers live in that town closeby. Don’t go looking for some big celeb in your space, look to micro, or maybe even nano influencers. Those with 500-5k followers that can authentically and passionately represent your brand. Chances are their engagement is higher than most celebrities anyway. The more barriers you put on your search, the more impossible it will appear to become.

It is Going to Cost You

To find the right people it will cost you. The time and energy it takes to find the right people for a niche campaign can be exhausting. Once you find someone with a voice in your space, remember, often times they are not professional influencers, especially if they are micro or nano. Response times could be slow and campaign drop out rates can be high. Are you sure they will even be interested? Have you made sure they’re credible and that they haven’t previously bought followers or likes? Searching and vetting influencers for niche campaigns is arguably the most difficult part and to get it done right and see results, you have to be willing to make an investment. If you’re short on time or team members, this may be a point where it will really pay off to work with an influencer marketing vendor who can help ease these search headaches.

It Will Be Worth it

The good thing is when you do find the right influencer, you are more than likely going to truly connect with your target. We’ve talked about how you sometimes see a disconnect with influencers and their audiences, however, the more niche, mico, and hyperlocal you get, the more that disconnect fades away. If you are a micro Disney influencer then that is most likely the interest of your followers. And if you are a food influencer that reviews restaurants in a small city in New Jersey, then that is where most of your following will be too. The nicheness of your target might be a pain in the beginning, but once your campaign is running you are setting yourself up to find some genuine real engagement. And isn’t that what influencer marketing is all about?


So don’t give up, no matter how niche, there are ways to make a successful influencer campaign. You can always look to companies like Mattr, who are here to make it easier for you by doing that heavy lifting. As long as you prepare for the cost and give yourself enough time, creating a successful influencer campaign with a niche target is possible and can be very worth your while.